Happy Monday my darlings!

It is time for you to discover Malia! This soft dress is now available and ready to get your shoulders warm for winter. I read all your comments on my Friday’s post and I am sure you will love her! You will be able to find the dress in 2 ready-to-wear versions (black/cream and grey/stars) on for €99 in a very limited edition for Christmas! Moreover, you can buy the sewing pattern to realize your own dresses. All the other patterns are also available in the “patterns” section of the eshop!



(hello new packagings…)

For the Malia dress, you will see that we added a lining! Since the Lolita dress and the Rosa teddy, nothing can stop us! The lining gives a better aspect to the dress and it looks more qualitative. I love heavy and light clothes! I have to write you a post about it because it is a kind of obsession, especially since we started to create our own line! Malia is not hard to do; you just need to take your time and a deep breath, especially for the sleeves part… I often loose control when the machine is not working as I would! Indeed, you need to ease (a bit) the sleeves. The dress will fit better and the shoulders will look better! It is not that simple but it is necessary! Do not forget…”No pain, no gain…” Check this out!



It was not that bad, was it? All you need to know about the pattern:

  • You can buy the sewing pattern in a nice packaging with an instruction booklet and a Wear Lemonade tag here for €14.90.
  • You can also buy the PDF version for €2.99 and the instruction booklet is now included in the file. You can print it in A4 or US letter.
  • The degree of difficulty is: “A piece of cake” but it depends on your motivation and patience because the sleeves part can be a bit complicated. Take your time and use lots of pins.
  • To sew the dress you need 2m of fabric (1.50 of width = classic fabric roll). We advise you to use a stretch fabric like velvet or cotton gabardine, flannel… You will also need 1.50m for the lining and we advise you to take printed cotton poplin (so that you can recognize both sides easily) for the beginners.
  • As a reminder, the seam allowance is included in all the Wear Lemonade patterns (= 1cm)!
  • If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to send a message to the queen of patterns Laure at




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Translated by Coralie Clair
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23 novembre, 2015