Hello my darlings ! Thank you for Léna’s warm welcome! I can’t help but jump for joy to see you wearing it! There’s another thing that makes me jump for joy: the new website that’ll be online tomorrow! I know I talk about it so much but it’s really a revolution for us, a real evolution also to a website that’s more like us and that you can be a part of! There’s going to be a “community” page that’ll be your sewing forum, where you can post your questions and finished projects. So so exciting! The hope is that you can put in a word, give your own advice to other lemons as well as share your favorite things and addresses! Oh la la, can’t you f​eel​the excitement in the air? Anyways, today it’s Léna’s turn, the darling shirt dress, to be a do­it­yourself (oh yes). You’ll see, nothing’s impossible but we wanted to to it with straight seams and “French” seams, to bump up the difficulty level, and above all to have a great finished product like one rarely finds in stores. If you’re comfortable with box pleats, cuffs and shirt collars, it’s not that hard but I won’t deny that it’s a sewing pattern a bit long to do so take your time (set aside a nice weekend at home) and it’ll be a piece of cake! Here’s a video to demonstrate, I hope you’ll like Léna as much as we do!
Here’s some useful info on this Léna:
  • You can buy the sewing pattern in its adorable packaging with instructions and the tag here, for 14,90 euros.
  • You can download the PDF version of the pattern for 2,99 now with the sewing booklet included! Go ahead and click on the number “2” on the product description for the page placement. The pattern is still printable on A4 and US letter formats.
  • The pattern’s difficulty level is: “this is gonna be intense”, but pleats will no longer be a mystery to you!
  • For this dress, the biggest sizes should plan on: using 2m70 of fabric from a bolt of fabric measuring 1m40 in width (classic width) or 2m50 for 1m10 fabric. A bit of thermo­binding fabric and 15 small, covered buttons. We suggest you make this blouse with cotton veil, or with silk crepe and why not English embroidery and even lace for those feeling ambitious!
  • A friendly reminder, since it’s always good to note it here: in all the Wear Lemonade patterns, the value of sewing is included in the pattern and it’s one centimeter (except when it’s French seams, but don’t panic, its written in black on white on the pattern)!
  • And if you’re stuck in a sewing rut, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the community page that’ll be online tomorrow!
For all Parisians, this dress was made from a printed cotton unearthed at La Mercerie Fine, 25 Rue Saint­Sébastien, 75011 Paris, and the buttons were made at a sewing adjustment boutique in the Passage du Prado for just a few euros! And the icing on the cake is that for the purchase of a Léna pattern, with Sephora we’re giving away a small mascara to the first 150 orders! Don’t forget to share your finished creations on the social networks with the hashtag #wearlemonade. wearlemonade-patron-lena-2 Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
01 mars, 2016