Dear all, Everyone, meet Chiara, Chiara, meet everyone... I’m sure that you’ll like each other. Chiara is so sweet and nice, she’ll flatter every silhouette, Chiara is just like that, she doesn’t judge. Chiara is easy goingin blue Chambray and will be your best girlfriend everywhere. Chiara in off­white satin stitch is wonderfully romantic and delicate without being fragile, it’s the girl we’d all like to be, personally I’d like to get married again in the Chiara satin stitch! Chiara is available in silk in every color ‘sorbet citron’ (lemon sorbet), ‘caramel’ and ‘menthe à l’eau’ (mint green) and is perfect for this wedding season. Why you ask? Because Chiara is chic, and beautiful, made from 100% silk from the inside lining to the outside and most of all you won’t have the same dress as anyone else since they’ll be available in very limited quantities...
To tell you the truth my darlings,we had a special opportunity to have our very own silk woven. An Italian factory, wanting to clear out their silk thread showed us their selection of colorful bobbins. So we made a little deal, like kids in a candy shop and we chose some crazy colors, we were so excited! To continue on the theme of fabrics, I was particularly careful, maybe to the point of being a little annoying, about the quality of the satin stitch. I wanted one with polka dots that doesn’t fray, but at the same time I dreamt of a raw material, soft without being see­through!
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-nouveau-site-2 (1)  
Anyways, Chiara will be your BFF this summer, plus it has pockets, and can be worn with a belt from your closet... Chiara is available and adoptable right away on the new Wear Lemonade site! My darlings, you can check out the Chiara fabrics up close and zoom in on the materials. Chiara, everyone was crazy about Frida a year ago. Frida and all it’s sisters found a closet to adopt them, so this year I’d like it to be your turn to take care of my darlings!
I’ll let you look around the new site, you’ll see a peak of the rest of the collection with the little tag ‘COMING SOON’. You can now buy the CHIARA, the ‘mon petit chat’ (my little cat) MIA, our GEORGIA tote bag, and even our PEPITA socks! Tomorrow Chiara’s pattern booklet and it’s video will be released! Hugs and kisses to you! I’d just like to add a word of thanks to the amazing Colorz agency for this GREAT e­shop! And a big thanks again to Laurence Revol for the beautiful pictures!
wear-lemonade-make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself018Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
29 avril, 2016