Hello my little cats!

I’m so happy to find you back here, thank you so much for your feedback regarding the internship offering I posted on Saturday, do not hesitate to keep sending us your applications, we will get back to you quickly! We are back today with our second installment of Wear Lemonade, a blouse called BIANCA! We were really surprised by your overwhelming enthusiasm for the dress LUISA (which is back in stock by the way!), it’s so awesome, and we’ve seen more and more of your own creations pouring in on social media, they all look great! We’ve gone through all of your comments with a fine-toothed comb, taken your suggestions from the previous article into consideration, and have made some changes accordingly.



From now on, in each template package you will find:

Dans les patrons se trouvent à chaque fois désormais:

  • - A cutting layout to place the various elements of the garment in the correct orientation of the fabric. 
  • -  We now have up to a size 46.
  • - We have made a size chart with all the measurements we use to graduate the garments, click here! 
  • - And most importantly, we have included the seam allowances in the 1cm template, which, I have to hand it to you, makes life easier! 
  • - And as a bonus, we have changed the packaging a bit to give it our own personal “flair”…  




A hundred times thank you for your positive and encouraging feedback on this project! Today we give you a blouse called Bianca, a top with a dress-shirt collar which can be made from any type of cotton. In the template, we included a variation: you can make the blouse with a heart-shaped pocket or a classic one. We really had a great time making a bunch of them, we truly hope you will like it. I had envisioned it with a little collar of “perfect” proportions so as to wear it under a sweatshirt or a sweater, and only the collar would show…So yes, there is a collar (I can hear you freaking out from here) but if you let yourself be guided by the instructions, you’ll see that everything will turn out fine, it’s a dress-shirt collar but without the difficulty of a button placket, since the opening is in the back…This template has been tested and approved by even the novices in our entourage. You’ll see that making a collar is a piece of cake, honestly! Like last time, you can choose to download the template for free, all you have to do is click HERE.



For those of you girls who might be curious, the satin-stitch fabrics, white plaid, speckled and white honeycomb print, I found them at Sacrés Coupons, 4 rue d'Orsel in the 18th district of Paris, and the fabric with the crazy stripes, I found on the MILH website, and hurry up by the way if you want some, there are sales with up to 60% off on everything with the promotional code AMOURPUISSANT.... 



I’m psyched to get your feedback, and don’t hesitate to write to us for even the slightest request for advice, and share your creations on Facebook, Twitter and especially on Instagram with the hashtag #DIYwearlemonade. On that note, I send you big kisses, see you soon! 




Translated by Ida Driscoll 

25 février, 2015