WEAR LEMONADE #3 Jacket Rita[:]


Rita jackets created with thick crepe fabric. The Jacques Tati pink and midnight blue come from Sacrés Coupons, 4bis rue d'Orsel in the 18th and the buttons from La Dentellière, 17 rue d'Orsel 75018.


Hello little kitties ! 

Oh how I love you! How I dig you! The messages you posted yesterday made us so happy! We will take all your comments into account, it encourages us to go for what we want and make things happen, thanks for that too… Today we are back, just about a month after the blouse called Bianca, with the Rita jacket ! The Rita jacket is kind of like a mid-season trapeze coat, since it has no inner lining, I can hear your sighs of relief from here… With its four pockets, you will learn how to make box pleats, you’ll see, it’s not rocket science!



So this month, good news, there is no collar, nothing particularly hard to do, albeit a bit long because of the pockets, but you could also make classic ones with no pleats or flaps. But we know that you have a knack for this, judging from all of the creations you’ve shared with us… I did indeed read your suggestion for having a page on the blog dedicated to showing the creations of other readers, we are going to work on that, but in the meantime, you can find all these creations on Instagram and Twitter by typing the hashtag #DIYwearlemonade in the search bar! 


make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-DIY-rita-veste-wearlemonade-1Rita jackets created with thick, polka-dot cotton from Sacrés Coupons, the boutique "le coin des affaires" (Bargain corner), at 10 rue Seveste in the 18th and the buttons from La Dentellière, 17 rue d'Orsel 75018.

I apologize in advance for my verbal tics like “it’s up to you” or when I restate the obvious like “go over your seams with an iron,” yes, it’s true that it’s actually a good practice… In short, it’s really a profession of voiceovers! I wish you happy viewing… A bit of technical advice to make this jacket, you will need 1.75 meters of fabric maximum for a width of 1.40 meters, and if you want to make Rita out of a thicker fabric, plan for one size higher than your usual size. 



In other good news, shipping and handling fees for the patterns, within France, have gone down to only 2.50€, it’s bananas! We are making improvements and finding solutions, by the way, on the template to be downloaded you will see, there is a test square measuring 5cm x 5cm... Once again, feel free to send us your feedback, we learn so much from your remarks.


make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-DIY-rita-veste-wearlemonade And this Rita jacket was made with oil cloth on acid Marimekko

And in the video, I was telling you about two great places in Paris to make your buttonholes:

  • The first is "Mireille boutonnière", 21 rue des petits carreaux 75002 Paris, the stairwell at the back of the courtyard, count on about 0,20 cents per buttonhole.
  • And the other one is the taylor shop in the Passage du Prado, 12 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris. Plan on spending about 3 Euros per garment.

I hope you like Rita! I’m sending you big kisses and we are looking forward to your feedback and pics of your own creations!




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