Hello my little butter hearts!

Here we are! Paloma is on the website, ready to be worn or created! Above all, I would like to thank all of you for your support concerning the new collection, it means a lot to me, to us here at the studio… I am sure you will be so adorable in your little dungarees that are going to be you best friends this summer. Personally, with the heat, I only want one thing: to wear something light! A basic t-shirt and a light dungarees, a pair of sandals and this is it… You can do Paloma yourself thanks to the pattern or you can buy the ready-to-wear version in light chambray or in white cotton and cherries! Our muse Elodie is wearing a size XS and I am wearing a size S… It is your turn now!




You have been so many to ask us if it was possible to make the pattern bigger in order to have a longer version. Unfortunately it is not possible with this pattern. As you can see here and here, the shape is a bit loose and if you make the legs longer, you will have a Spice Girl look with baggy dungarees, and if I personally love the 90s, I assume no liabilities concerning the final result! I love dungarees and I promise that we will think about a longer version in our next collections, maybe next spring; who knows? I let you watch this tutorial out about the realization of Paloma: 



As you can see, it is not that easy… The realization is not that complicated because there is no lining, no dart or zip, only many steps and little pieces to put together. For this reason, you will have to be patient and not to try to create the dungarees at once. I advise you, in a first work session, to cut all the pattern pieces in your fabric and be careful and focused to put all the nicks. Once you cut all the pieces, have a break. During another work session, classify your pieces by category and here we go. I can see you behind your screen, raising the eyes to heaven and say “Yes Ma-dam” whereas thinking, “Who is she to talk like that?” Okay, I also have the sensation to be 100 years old while giving you these pieces of advice but it is for your own good so that you do not leave your work behind until next summer…




Few things to know about the pattern:

  • You can buy the pattern in its beautiful packaging with the explanation booklet and the little tag here for €14,99.
  • You can download the PDF version of the pattern for €1,99. There is no booklet in it but you still have the video to help you and the notice to place the A4 sheets together in the right order.
  • The difficulty degree of this pattern is: “I am well-motivated”, it is simple but it takes some time… Thus, if you are patient you will succeed!
  • For the dungarees, you need 1,50m of fabric with a 1m45 width (basic length of a material roll)
  • You will also need 1m of thermobonding tape to rigidify some pieces to facilitate the threading
  • As a reminder, because it is also a good idea to write it here: in all the Wear Lemonade patterns, the seam-allowance is included and equal to 1cm (except for the hems)!
  • If you have any question or problem, do not hesitate to contact Laure, the queen of patterns: laure@makemylemonade.com
  • If sewing is a real mystery for you or you are allergic to it… but you felt in love with Paloma… do not worry, you can buy the ready-to-wear version here and here for €69.




Here is my Paloma DIY version that you can see in the pattern explanation booklet. I made it with a cotton fabric that I found at Sacres Coupons! Send us your creations by email: diy@makemylemonade.com and we will post the pictures in our Facebook albums: check this out!

Translated by Coralie Clair 

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