Here we are my little chickens,

Holidays are officially ending for most of us, and we all are back to school/work; it is going to be okay I promise! Today is the D-Day, I sharpened my pencils and took my backpack, and at the studio, it is the launch of the Nina jumpsuit! Hello Nina! She cannot wait to meet you and become your ally for this new year… Nina is available on in two ready-to-wear crêpe versions: ultramarine blue and stripped navy blue and white. You can also try to do it yourself thanks to the pattern and the video that you will find down below! About the right size, if you are between sizes you can take the size down! All the needed information are in the product description!




If you read the post about Nina’s launch you already know this but this week (until Sunday) we offer you the possibility to win 3 pair of Stan Smith from Adidas to complete your outfit. How? Thanks to golden tickets! In your Wear Lemonade orders, you may have the chance to find one of the 3 golden tickets! All you need to do is to send us the secret password you will find on your ticket (they are all different), your size and the model you want and you will receive the grail of comfort! You can customize them with Mexican pastas, polka dots, and tapes… I count on you! I just love the idea of the golden ticket, this double surprise: for me, it is always like Christmas when I receive something in my mailbox, and discovering a second gift is just perfect! I won a concert ticket once thanks to a chocolate cake box…



All you need to know about the pattern:

  • You can buy the pattern with the nice packaging, the instruction booklet and the tag here for €12,42.
  • You can download the PDF version of the pattern for €1,66. There is no booklet but you still have the video to help you and a special sheet to put everything in the right order. You can print it in A4 or US letter.
  • The degree of difficulty is “Quite Easy”. The pattern is very simple. There is just the elastic step that is more difficult.
  • You will need 3m of fabric to sew Nina (with 1.45m of width = classic fabric roll). We advise you to use a synthetic or natural crêpe or jersey.
  • You will need some bonding tape (around 1m) to solidify some pieces such as those around the neckline and maybe the pocket flaps if you use a soft fabric.
  • As a reminder: in all Wear Lemonade patterns, the seam allowances are included in the pattern (about 1cm except for the hems)!

If you have any question, do not worry; you can contact Laure the queen of the patterns:




Do not forget to send us your creations: so that we can post the pictures in our Facebook albums, check this out!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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31 août, 2015