Helloooooo guys, my friends, loves, kitties!

Act 3 already? Why 3: the patterns launch in January, the ready-to-wear collection in May and today the new one! Here we are, the Wear Lemonade adventure keeps going! I am moved and glad to show you the pictures of the photoshoot… It is a kind of exclusivity because the first piece will only be available next Wednesday! Anyway, if you want to buy one of the current collection piece, you only have few days to do so because the collection will be removed from the website once the new collection will be on! The first small collection was a reminder of all the pieces I presented you as DIY since the beginning of the Make My Lemonade adventure. However, for this second collection, I wanted to imagine must have pieces and try to tell you a little colorful story… A nice woman who is playing tennis with her dungarees, who is umpiring the court in a top-of-the-class little dress, and who is picking up lemons in playsuit….




I am just like a kid on Christmas morning and I hope this feeling will stay with me forever. I already know my friends’ and family’s enthusiastic opinion and wishlists about the collection but I am a little bit nervous to read yours… Finger crossed! I let you watch this teaser out.



During the next three months, you will meet:

  • - Paloma, the nice light dungarees…
  • - At the end of August, you will find Nina, the crease-resistant playsuit that has been cashtested to fit all morphologies.
  • - In September, it will be Lola’s turn, the perfect little dress to go back to school/work with a small white collar that I love so much.
  • - Then, to complete the Wear Lemonade collection, the perfect Tania small t-shirts (yes yes) with boat neckline (and I think it is going to be our trademark) that you will find in two different versions: stripes + bouclé cherry or transparent with polka dots…




It was not easy to resist the polka dots temptation because if I listened to myself, all the pieces would be printed with irregular polka dots… I love them so much. I know it and I also imagine that it is not necessarily the case for everyone. For this reason, you will also find stripes in this collection that you can obviously mix with the polka dots! And then, you know, I have other obsessions and one of them is cherry… I cannot fight when I see a printed fabric with cherries… It is a type of dots right?

For the little story, my 15 years old niece Lola (so old I am) wears a bottle green dress with a small white collar and dots, and her classmates call her “Cerise de Groupama” (Cherry from Groupama is a girl who wears a white dress with green dots in an French TV ad) (thanks puberty)... And without really thinking about it, here I am, drawing a little collar dress with cherries on it… It will be the Lola!




Last time, I asked you which piece you would like to see in the next collection and you have been so many to ask for the playsuit and the dungarees. I hope you will be happy to find these items in the new collection and do not hesitate to tell me if you want to see something else in the next one that is coming in October. I do not know if you saw it on the Wear Lemonade website but if you scroll down you can discover your orders, pictures, and Wear Lemonade creations!




I would like to thank Pauline Darley for these amazing pictures and Elodie for trusted us for her first photoshoot. Thank you Cyrielle Favreau for her professionalism and her kindness. Thank you Nathan Cahen for his little movie! Thank you Alex Pan for this perfect music. Thank you Coralie for the orange juice and all the rest… Thank you my lovely team, Charlotte, Laure and Nardjisse, you are the best. Thank you Adidas for their trust and the Parisian tennis club of Joinville.




Translated by Coralie Clair 

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18 juillet, 2015