Hello my darlings! I’m writing you from my bed, the wind whispering through my curtains, the smell of summer is in the air! I have more energy since the sun is back, today I’d like to tell you about the news that’s shook up our lives at the office, the arrival of the ‘Kiss Me Forever’ collection... Each launch has its’ surprises for me, whether it’s the fourth or fifth one, or even this new sixth collection. I don’t know, this one is special, I’m crazy about it! I feel like it’s more polished than all the others, that the collections and ourselves are maturing at the same. I think that I like the idea that this collection was created without making any compromises, with bright and bold colors. Even in the more classic pieces, there’s always a fun twist, with a lining, a little heart, a pink hat... and I love the spontaneity of the red lipstick pattern and how it directly correlates with my passion for beauty and makeup.
For Kiss Me Forever, I wanted a crossover wrap dress that can be worn in the ‘front and back’, my friend Justine B. who posed in these pictures came to my house one day wearing her ‘to the moon and back’ sweater backwards. It was so deliberate, I loved this free spirited way to change it up. Justine often does this with her clothes, so I thought that Dita’s crossover wrap was the perfect way to play with different ways of wearing your clothes. I’ll tell you more about the Dita dress tomorrow when the pattern is released... but in addition to being able to wear it frontwards and backwards, it’s flowy, with pockets, and wearing it smooths out its’ wrinkles. I love it. So much that I almost renamed it Lisa!
The other must­have pieces from this collection are the India jumpsuit that’ll come out mid­August and the pink, short Maria jacket that’ll be released in the beginning of September... There’s also the pink Tara hat and the Simona blouse with a removable ascot tie (the pattern will be in the next collection), as well as Lena and Lila to round out the collection, Sonia the t­shirt that was a huge success (it’ll soon be restocked) and the jersey Natalia skirt.
For this collection, I really wanted us to have the fairest prices possible since we aren’t and don’t want to be giants of the Fast Fashion industry, however with our small quantities it’s often difficult to reach our price objectives while respecting our values, and tracing the origins of our materials while satisfying our vendors! But I don’t want to be known as an expensive designer brand so it’s complicated... I wanted to offer fashion and an experience at a fair price, for you and the people working for Wear Lemonade, and for us.
And as a brand, we have to cover everything, from style of course, to constantly looking for new partners and vendors, to prices, as I was saying, to photo shoots’ themes, to the faces that’ll represent the collection, to e­shop performances, to customer service and shipping! But what’s great today is that we’re starting to identify different issues that could be problems later and we’re trying our best to anticipate them! This might make you smile, but this whole thing about shipping is fun and I think that I’m going to write an article for you very soon to explain my point of view and to show you what we come up with every trimester. I’m going to wait for you to receive your new orders so I won’t spoil the surprise! Take a look at the little clip we made, set to music from the great guys at musicalist, as well as the photos. I read on social media that you would have liked to see the collection worn by different body types, I wanted to have my friends and muses pose, but I’ve heard you. So thanks to Justine B. Alexandra B. and Jade H. as well as Mélanie G. for being our models for the day. Thanks to Martin Condomines for his sunny pictures, to Olitax for this bright lookbook and this video that I’ve watched a thousand times. Thank you to Laurence Maestrello for the fresh and lovely makeup and to Fred for doing hair! Thank you to the Lemonade team, I’m so proud of you!
11 juillet, 2016