Hello my little kitties!

Today, I am so happy to announce you the launch of our new “To the moon” collection! It is a real pleasure to write you today to talk about the dreams we have at the Studio! I think this collection is our baby… but also yours because we learn everyday and every month with you! A new piece is going to be launched every 15 days because we have a lot to show you before Christmas! I hope you will enjoy wearing our new collection because it was a real pleasure imaging it! It was supposed to be online on the 27th but we were not ready and as we still are a small company, it was better to take 2 more days in order to think about each detail so that you can have a perfect and clean service! I hope you do not mind.
Let me introduce to you the “To the moon and back” Stella sweat (the piece without pattern) and the Rosa teddy.



For those of you who do not know Make My Lemonade, I am going to tell you more about the crazy project we launched 10 months ago!
At the beginning of the year, we launched different sewing patterns sold in a nice packaging, and I can assure you that we have been so surprised at the studio about the feedbacks on our do-it-yourself baby! Three months later, and after 3 patterns launches, we realized that we had not enough stocks to answer to your growing demand. Moreover, some of you wanted to wear “Wear Lemonade” pieces but had not enough patience and courage to make their own clothes! At this moment, we decided to continue the patterns but to launch our own clothing line at the same time, with special fabrics. To sell only our products online, in limited editions, allows us to offer you the fairest prices. We have a new theme every 3 months so during this period you can buy our pieces. However, the patterns are always available within the limit of stocks obviously!




In 2016, many accessorize and nice collaborations are going to be added to our collections!
In the meanwhile, our Rosa teddy is now available on Wear Lemonade in a pink satin version with glitter “lemonade” lettering in the back but also in grey with small stars made in a light gabardine. This teddy is the little jacket we can wear with our dresses to “tomboyed” them but also under an opened coat to twist the winter monotony!




Then, there is our favorite piece: the Stella sweat made in a soft fabric with an embroidered typography. Stella exists in 2 colors. By the way, on the product descriptions, I advise you to click on the small numbers, under the main picture, to see other views and details of the clothes! I also remind you that you can order on the website and pick up your order at the studio to say hi! If you do not have time but live in Paris, we now offer you the delivery within 3 hours to be always ready if you have an impromptu evening or a late birthday present to do!




As you may know, you are going to have nice surprises while opening your package. For this collection, we decided to offer you nice postcards of the collection photographed by Pauline Darley but also Nailmatic nail polishes. We chose 7 different colors to match with the collection! I hope you will like them. I send you big kisses and see you tomorrow to talk about the Rosa teddy pattern!

Thank you Pauline Darley for the pictures, Julie Perrot for the video, Nelly from Make My Beauty for the makeup and Lydia for being our muse! Thank you to the amazing girls from the Lemonade Studio, I love you!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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29 octobre, 2015