Hello my little buttered hearts!

No Happy Friday today, but we are going to talk about clothes anyway and I am going to give you a little preview of the next collection! Yeah! I cannot hide you how impatient I am! What did we say about impatience Miss Gachet? Okay, I calm down. Anyway, these Wear Lemonade adventure is so crazy and could not be possible without you, so it is normal to show you a sneak peek. No, I am not looking for excuses! Let me introduce to you the “To the moon” collection and the first pieces are going to be sold on the 27th of October! The current collection will be online until the 26th of October at night!




While imaging this collection, we decided to have a different approach this time because I am starting to know you and I have to admit that you are not as “kamikaze” as I am in terms of colorful associations… For this reason, we decided to slow down a little bit at the lemonade studio: only few touches of pink, some softer pieces, more poetic too, we focused on details and cuts. It is awesome to learn with you, follow your reasoning while choosing a piece of cloth. I also like the fact that you can wear Wear Lemonade clothes every day, more easily.




Some time ago, I met my love but I also became addicted to stars and the moon because of him… It was not really difficult to convince me actually and thanks to him, I organized a Pierrot the moon special week last year… This theme really represents me for years and I just love flounces around necklines each time I saw one in a shop, moon backgrounds, and so on… Then, I also watched again some Wes Anderson movies and I do not know why but I found connections and I draw the collection very naturally. Some pieces are very comfortable but also feminine, made in nice and soft fabrics such as rare pile velvets, silk, embroideries and flocked stars… The whole collection is not present in this post but you have a huge preview by the way! I hope you will like it! I cannot wait to read your comments!





I would like to thank Lydia, our real life muse; Nelly from Make My Beauty for her time and doll make-up; Pauline Darley because she follows me everywhere and her pictures are just magic! Then, thank you Laure for everything, Charlotte for the stars in her eyes when we are in a photoshoot and Julie for all that is going to happen! Girl Power I scream your name! On the 27th of October, the Stella sweatshirts are going to be sold for €69 and the stars teddy too (with another version… a pink one with a screen printed “lemonade” on the back) for €109. The blouses, tulle skirt, jacket and more surprises are coming in the weeks after, with the sewing patterns obviously!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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09 octobre, 2015