Hello all! I could have called this article, “I Love Paper” or “Paper Forever”. You may not know it since I’m more of a ‘digital’ girl but despite the fact that the Internet, USB cables, dropbox, and wifi run in my veins, I deeply love paper. ‘Despite’ might be too strong of a word, since I wouldn’t have met you without it, however I love paper, all types of paper! I spend quite a lot on ‘nice’ books and as soon as I travel, I have to check out all the local stationary shops. My friends are divided into two groups: those who ‘share’ and understand this obsession, and those that roll their eyes, saying “it doesn’t do any good, you aren’t going to write anything in them and you already have a ton of notebooks”. Yeah, but all the same, let me collect them. For me, stationery is something that lives and breathes, it’s food for the imagination... anyways, today I’m writing an ode to my love of stationery today.
What’s been happening lately is like a childhood dream coming true. Wear Lemonade’s clothing, sewing supplies, patterns, fabric, and recently it’s also become stationary. Just imagine how happy I am getting samples, touching each little piece of paper, testing colors, bringing the season’s pattern to life in different way! I’m thrilled to see our world getting a little bit bigger! I’ve always collected notebooks, little ones, note pads. I have a box, a drawer, and a cardboard box that I call “my little papers”. I think that each notebook holds a promise: new, lovely projects and resolutions. Even if I rarely finish them, they’re witnesses to what goes on in my head. They’re precious to me, like relics.
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I have notebooks for daily projects. Notebooks for my wedding that I keep as a souvenir. Notebooks for jotting down my dreams, for my craziest projects. Notebooks for vacation ideas. Notebooks for my mistakes. Notebooks for what’s on my mind. I even have a black book, where I write the names of the people that ruined my day — the post office can be considered a person you know. It let’s me get it all out, and writing has something personal and special about it... So yes, despite the fact that our lives are more and more digitalized, I won’t get rid of my little papers.
Besides notebooks, I have a thing for to do lists... Not too long ago I was telling you about my ways to get organized and I swear by my two-column to do lists. In the evening I make my dream list and the next day, something always comes up and I put that in the ‘shit happens’ column. I’m so happy with it, I made the ‘super hero’s to do list’... and my daily goal is to finish at least one of the two columns! Crossing out a line from each column just makes you feel so good. Maybe I should get professional help but all the messy people on earth will tell you that crossing out a to do list is a big step towards healing and organisation!
And the last products that I hold near and dear (I mean it, you’ll see why), are the correspondence cards. I love the idea of writing little notes to the people we love. Before going on vacation, I write little notes to the entire team, I like to say thank you at the end of a great project, to write on birthdays. And I think that saying something on paper is more meaningful than in a simple text. Anyways, I’m sure this isn’t news to you. THE tiny detail that makes my heart melt: we were able to print little hearts on the envelopes... voilà! All of our stationery is made and printed in the south of France, by passionate people, lovers of paper, like me or rather all of us at the Lemonade Studio!
Translated by Whitney Bolin

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