It’s officially time to go back to school and work! This collection’s latest piece is finally available! I love it and hate this moment that comes around every month! I love it because it’s exciting, like a monthly renaissance, the time when things get moving, when I look out for reactions on social media, your opinion on the cut, the color, the pattern, etc... When I get to know you. I hate it because it means time is moving on... it’s just scary! I always think that I can get ahead but it’s practically impossible for us. We’re the oven, the mill, and the bakery too! Even if we are getting better at anticipating... but what do you know, I can’t write on command or ahead of time. I need to see how I’m feeling on that certain day.
Anyways, writing may be difficult but I don’t have to force it when it comes to Wear Lemonade. I think that it’s thanks to the lemonade that’s been running in my veins for a while now! Today Maria is available, the latest from this collection. I love it a lot because Maria is fun and chic. It can dress up a blouse and jeans look! It adds elegance to a summery dress! It’s the must-have piece for your wardrobe because it goes with everything. It’s short but not too short and collarless... this is our timeless jacket that I hope will become one of your classics! Since it’s back-to-school time, we’ve decided to spoil you! For every Maria jacket ordered, you’ll get a free September Birchbox full of mini products and our scarf... don’t forget the promo code KISSME that’ll give you 20 euros off every purchase of 100 euros or more on the website! I almost want to order too!
I absolutely love the pink version, I think it works as blush and lipstick at the same time, it just brightens up your face so much. With new or worn jeans, a pair of white sneakers and a printed t-shirt (for those days lacking inspiration), it’ll make you unforgettable and bubbly, promise! The navy blue version is so elegant and the lining is incredible! Throughout the collections, I realise that the color choices and patterns all kind of go together! I love it! I’ve gotta go, I have an important meeting and I think I’m going to go with the navy blue jacket right away! Hugs and kisses, see you tomorrow for Maria’s pattern and a big surprise in the article!
Maria in pink is available here for 139 euros and the Navy version is here! Today also marks Léna’s return with its’ little golden buttons! Don’t wait, there are only a few sizes of the Simona blouse and the India jumpsuit left! Translated by Whitney Bolin
14 septembre, 2016