Let’s continue the week with some music my little kitties,

To tell you everything, I am so lucky because my ex Radiooooo roommates, who are now my friends, took care of the music during the party and it was so cool! I could not believe the songs they played. When I went outside to have some fresh air, I heard a song I love and I ran inside to go dancing again! So magical! For those of you who do not know, you can listen to different kind of music on from different periods of time. Yes, you just have to choose the decade you want (from 1900) but also a specific country and you can listen the selection they made for you. They really look for the best songs ever!




The music was a real topic we discussed about these past weeks… What is going to be my “entrance” song, what is going to be our first song on the dancefloor? And at the dinner room floor, what kind of music can we listen to? For this reason, we made a playlist with all my friends and lemonade team lovers. Everyone gave us his/her “entrance” song and his/her “ball opening” one. You can listen to our “Will you marry me?” playlist here.




The day before the party, I went to Fred’s studio and there was a nice playlist with all the songs I love, that make me feel good, so I took the link for the dinner room and here we go! You can find the link here: Feel'in Good.




To decorate the dancefloor, we hung white electric lights as if it was a starry sky that we switch off progressively during the night… because thanks to Elodie from Un beau jour I know that to make a great party, you need a good light, soft enough to be the king/queen of dance... and to add a festive touch, some silver XXL confetti and little stars to contrast with the concrete floor slab!




What are your love songs? Leave them in the comments below so that we can add them to our playlists! I send you big kisses!


Translated by Coralie Clair
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