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I hope you are fine… For about 10 days, the blog was on an autopilot mode. I am not back from my holidays/honeymoon yet. However, I slowly start to write again on the blog. I received hundreds of pictures of the wedding and it keeps me more on more in my lovely paradise, as it was the case these 10 past days. At the beginning, I did not really know how to talk about the wedding on the blog. How to show and explain you this magic but personal moment! Obviously, it was a real pleasure to organize this event, so I decided to write a bit about it here as I usually do for all the things I love. As I told you, it is very personal and I am not sure that my family and friends really would like to appear on Internet… For this reason, I wanted to tell you more about my meetings, new DIYs, nice addresses, crush and surprises I had the chance to live/do/create/enjoy during the organization of this event!




At the beginning, I thought it was a bit simple to say that our wedding was the more beautiful day of our lives… To me, the best day of my life was the day I receive my first K.BIS or maybe when I received my first book. Anyway, something concrete… About the wedding, I did not want to have a meringue dress, a veil, small characters on the top of the cake, French bean sticks with duck magret and even less a church. We made it our way and as you can imagine, time goes so fast during these moments but it is also a huge amount of love! I received so many smiles, sweet words, kisses and good vibes… And I think it is finally the most beautiful day of my life.




This would not have been possible without my first meeting crush: Aurelie C… This fairy organizes events better than anyone. She is not afraid of anything and keeps smiling even if there is a power cut 1 hour before the party starts. I met her at the 10 years party of Café Mode, the blog of Geraldine Dormoy, where I had the chance to be part of one of the roundtables. Aurelie organized the event and it was just amazing! It was the 18th of June and I had no idea at this time, how or where our wedding will take place 3 months later… I talked to Geraldine and she put so much pressure on me without even knowing it. She gave me Aurelie’s phone number and it literally helped me sleep again: an iron fist in a velvet glove. We finally became friends and we love having a drink in little bars in Pigalle late at night talking about everything but the wedding… What I love about Aurelie is that she can organize Events with a big E and not only weddings. She is a wedding planner by necessity but she organizes happy meetings above all… We spoke the same language. We organized a huge party, with intense moments in a crazy place for 100 people who just wanted to celebrate love. For this reason, I strongly recommend you the delicious and talented Aurelie for your wedding, birthday, diner before leaving to Bermuda, press event, she knows everything from the smallest events to the amazing ones. I could not have been as calm as I was without her… I advise you to keep preciously her email somewhere:!




I did not take a day off or holidays to prepare the wedding and I really started to think about the preparation at the end of June. By the way, in my personal life I am always doing everything at the last minute. In August, when I went to Canada, I did not have a place booked for the wedding. Fortunately, when I came back and thanks to the wonderful Aurelie, we had the chance to visit an amazing house with garden and moldings in Courbevoie, a small castle. Three weeks before the wedding, the owner cancelled the reservation. In these moments, I bless my father because he taught me the sweet mantra: “there is no problems, only solutions”. After a deep breath and few jokes to low the pressure, Aurelie found a crazy place inside Paris, an architect house at Denfert-Rochereau. As we both left everything for the capital, getting married in Paris was a bit magical and unexpected. As everyone told me that time goes really fast during these moments, we decided to organize the event over two days to make the happiness last and really enjoy this special event (and try to see everyone). The Friday was dedicated to the district council (the 19th) and we had an improvised drink in the buttes Chaumont. During the night, with my closest friends and family who came especially for the event, we went to the lemonade studio for a little cocktail reception. On the day after, we decorated the Denfert house and we organized a lay ceremony, a dinner and we partied! 2 days, 2 dresses, lots of hair, and more love and energy than ever for this new fresh start! We were very lucky because on the 2nd and 3rd of October, it was summer again for 48 hours. I am definitely convinced that I have a lucky star somewhere…




I hope you will like it. I will talk to you more about decoration and fashion these next days. I wore the Lolita dress from Wear Lemonade made in an off-white satin cotton fabric (the pattern is available again online!) with a little lucky blue button in the back that Delphine Manivet gave me, and the most incredible Gordana Dimitrijevic shoes in the world. The lemony bouquet made with flowers from Bloom's by myself the day before, DIY forever. I also had the chance to get my hair done by Cut by Fred, the god of scissors and my make up by my lovely friend Nelly from the blog Make My Beauty. Getting prepared with people I love was a good start for the best weekend of my life.



The talented Martin from Say Cheers took all the pictures!

Translated by Coralie Clair
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12 octobre, 2015