Polka dots document holder from les Soeurs Grene du Danemark, cherry XL found in Rungis in the flower section and box from Hay design.

Hello my little kitties!

I wish you a wonderful week! Today I am going to show you the first part of the “Lemonade Studio”, our own place, with a real entrance to welcome you (more to come soon…). As I told you in the previous post, having a bigger place is like taking a deep breath of fresh air for us, as if our ideas had finally enough space! Like an expanding family, we all have our room table… A revolution, and when I see the chaos I can put on my own table in few minutes, I am wondering how we did before…




It was so weird when we moved in this new place and put in place our giant Maisons du monde tables we already had in the previous office. They looked like students' desks in this empty space! This part of the office really looks like our old one: pink, black and white. It is Laure’s area, the queen of the patterns, but also the place we film the videos for Wear Lemonade. The bricks had a rusty color when we arrived and it was a bit too much like “we are in Paris but we’d rather be in Brooklyn”, too “Friends” also. I wanted to have white from the floor to the ceiling in order to emphasis on the light!




To work on the patterns, Laure needed a high table so we found this one in Ikea. These are trestles that go up and down in order not to have back pain… The chemist stool is from Maison du monde, the pink sideboard has been found on la petite brocanteuse, the architect lamps are from Lightonline (white) and Habitat (pink). About decoration, you can find the black board here and the light box here.




I also wanted to announce you that we would like to reinforce our team because we are starting a new project. We are looking for 2 trainees. It is about paid end-of-studies internships of 6 months minimum my kitties!

We are looking for a graphic artist and a designer. If you are well motivated, full of initiatives and you have an internship agreement, do not hesitate to write us!

For the designer internship, send us your resume and book at

For the graphic artist internship, send us your resume and book at

Translated by Coralie Clair 

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08 septembre, 2015