Hello my little chickens!

I am back today to put the sun in your little hearts. Looking through the window makes me want to put my head in the oven… I should have stayed in weekend… but it is another story! Today, I prepared a lemon yellow vitamin post… and I decided to stop assembling pictures in one and only because I prefer to show you everything in real size! Thus, it will be a bit longer than usual but I promise, it will be 100% lemon juice, no sugar added… Let me introduce to you the entrance of our office… the jewel in the crown.



Table, trestles, boxes and lamp from Ikea, chair from La Redoute.


Yes, yes the jewel, I am not afraid of words today. According to me, it is the shop window of the website. The extension of the Internet experience, the perfect room before the total chaos… For a long time, I have been obsessed by this hotel image and I wanted to keep the same idea for my clients. You may not be convinced by I kept this image in my mind and then, when we visited the office I knew it would be the best place for our lemonade stand stripes: on two walls like a candy box.



Cushions from Les soeurs Grene du Danemark, seat from Maison du Monde, Copenhagen Normann lights available on Lightonline and Ikea curtains.


Yes two walls, because we first wanted (with my love the best in the world) to paint the whole room… Then, after painting everything in white and the ceiling in Wimborne White (a luminous off-white) from Farrow and Ball, we started to draw lines (45 degrees) on the two first walls with a yellow colored pencil, a long wooden batten and a set square. Then, we used adhesive tape (special painting) and I have to say that I cannot touch tape anymore as if I became phobic since then. We thought it would be very hard to work in a place full of stripes so we decided not to paint everything. I also think that I would not be able to put adhesive tape on the door moldings… We have been so exited while opening the “Lemon” Yellow paint pot from Farrow & Ball (I think it is a sign…). It is the perfect yellow, not acid at all. After two coats, we immediately took off the tape without waiting any longer (two children…)! I advise you to wait 24 hours until the paint is completely dry or to do it directly. If you take off the tape too soon, it can be a bit risky and you can have a peel-off effect on the paint. Be careful and patient, or very quick…



Lovely lamp and copper bulbs bought on Lighonline and yellow furniture from La Redoute.


Here we are for the technical part. It looks quick but it took a whole weekend to paint everything. In order not to waist time, while the paint was drying I hung white tulle curtains. I think it softens the room and I am so in love with these tulle curtains.



Vintage chair and cushion from La Redoute, lemon tree poster found in a shop on the Quais de Seine (so Parisian…), Saint-Maclou vinyl floor.


My other obsession of the moment is white floors. I literally dream of white waxed concrete or white painted wooden floor… However, I have to admit that it would have been too expensive… For this reason, we painted the whole office with white garage paint but I will talk to you about this later. We do not really know how it is going to look in the future so we decided to put white wooden floor imitation from Saint Maclou in the entrance (obviously… too easy).



Mirror and yellow furniture from La Redoute, DIY rail and box to hide the IT system.


When we arrived, there were 3 big transparent bubbles ceiling lights in the entrance so we kept the electric connections because I dreamt of white ceiling lights since I saw them when I went to Copenhagen last December. While looking on Internet, I saw them again on Lightonline, a real Galeries Lafayette for lights, and I wanted people to have a WOW effect when they enter the office because it is the place to welcome you, where you can pick up your orders but also see the next pieces to come and even try them on! I am currently negotiating with my love for the creation of a folding screen DIY to complete the boutique part of our little entrance.




Yes I am negotiating because he already did a lot for the office and he even built this perfect set of shelves to store all the Wear Lemonade orders without any nail or screw… I had a crush on this picture on Pinterest and thanks to my dad’s help, they assembled this set of shelves in few hours… About the wall decoration, I wanted to hang little lucky frames, a bit like love treasures offered by my friends but the white frames were too pointless so we decided to choose black ones… I hope you will like it and that you will come very soon to visit us! I send you big kisses and see you very soon! 



Lemony frames found in a small shop, Devrolles Butterfly, Lemonade illustration by Noemi and Benjamin from Radiooooo.


Translated by Coralie Clair
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16 septembre, 2015