Hello my little cats, 

 I drop by quickly... I might have spoken too fast yesterday, Spring stayed with us for like 3 hours and after two hours of sun, it went away, I think it is our fault for being too cynical, the minute it comes in we say «yeahh well it’s not gonna stay anyway...» the sun is not crazy, you need to be gentle with this little boy.

 Still, I just arrived in my family in Bordeaux, I’m doing the Tour de France this week, and bad news Spring isn’t here either. Okay, I restart correctly and stop threatening it... Little Sun if you show up I’ll make you pancakes if you stay until our sunday brunch...

 And today a little wish list «In the Navy» for you and your lovers... I love you really much and see you tomorrow for some savory DIY!



1. And an adorable anchor ring found on Etsy for only 12€! 2. A UO Mobydick cushion 24$ 3. A sailor short on J-crew 77€ (I never think to go on this website but it really is a goldmine!) 4. This dress... Asos 72€, my dream! 5. On Asos again, a sweater to offer to you lover (so you can steal it from him afterwards!) 6. And too easy, boat shoes to were with small socks, Sebago 140€.

23 mai, 2013