Hello my darlings!

I’m sorry for being a day late, I had announced the release of the Carlotta pattern and the return of the pdf yesterday, but things don’t always go as planned… but I promise you it’s for a good reason. It was a technical issue… to tell you the truth, I have two websites and I can’t read a single line of code. Plus, I’m a perfectionist (to the point that it isn’t a good thing, believe me!). Add a large dose of impatience and you’ll get Lisa Gachet, the annoying boss! So it’s for a good reason, yesterday the new PDF layout wasn’t ready…

Now I’d like to wow you! Over the last month I’ve been racking my brain with calculations, formulas, gift ideas, and technical details. Here at the studio, it’s been a struggle to make the PDF’s prettier, clearer, and easier to put together. We’ll make a video for you sometime soon. I’d like to thank Colorz, our agency, for working quickly and their job well done!

Here’s how it works:

You won’t just have access to a pattern, but ALL patterns! Whether you want just one or all of them, they’re almost all the same price! The shortest subscription is for three months.

  • You can subscribe for 3 months for 8.90 euros/month, and have access to all the PDF patterns as well as those for the next 2 months.
  • You can subscribe for 6 months for 7.90 euros/month, and have access to all the PDF patterns as well as those for the next 5 months. Plus, you’ll get a little gift at home.
  • You can subscribe for 12 months for 6.90 euros/month, and have access to all the PDF patterns as well as those for the next 11 months. Plus you’ll get a little gift and an exclusive paper pattern at home.

Once you’ve subscribed, all of the patterns will be available in the customer center ‘mes abonnements’ (‘my subscriptions’) and then ‘voir le détail’ (‘see detail’). The new PDF pattern will be available here every month. All of the patterns may be downloaded 3 times. For the moment, it isn’t possible to buy a subscription and another product so you’ll have to order two separate times. Today we’re making a ‘beta’ version of the subscription available and I hope there will be many updates in the upcoming months! For the moment, we will only be accepting payment through Paypal. Renewal is done automatically, you just have to send us an email at the end of your subscription to cancel or change it!

This is the fairest solution I’ve come up with for you and us, I hope you’ll like it. We put a lot of thought into these subscriptions, so that you may start sewing some rainy Sunday or wherever

you are in the world without having to pay shipping. The PDF patterns for Luisa, Bianca and Rita were added in their article in their new version, practical and easy to put together!

With all that going on, I almost forgot to tell you about Carlotta! I was talking about it on Monday, these shorts flatter all body types, as shown in the video we shared. Some were disappointed to see just one size, but that’s not true. In the video there’s XS to XL! We’ll take a group picture soon so you can get a better idea. We had so much fun putting this video together! You’ll see, it’s a little bit daunting since there’s a zipper… but everything will be alright! I’ll admit I was very happy to sew it on with Laure’s help. I’ll let you see for yourself:

Sorry about my voice, it’s because of the weather. I didn’t think it would be so noticeable! Here’s what you need to know about Carlotta:

  • To make it you’ll need 1,25m of fabric from a bolt of fabric 1m45 wide or 1,80m of fabric (from a bolt measuring 1m10 wide)
  • An 18cm jeans zipper (this is the standard length, no need to cut it)
  • 1 metal button, Denim style
  • And a little bit of concentration, this is level 4/5!

Laure suggests using a rigid material to make Carlotta. You can use a light gabardine, denim, slightly thick stretchy cotton (like our floral fabric). And you can even make a ‘That 70’s Show’ version with corduroy for back­to­school! Monday we’ll be giving away a surprise… I’m so excited! See you tomorrow!

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