Hola Chicas!

“Yes, hello? What do you mean, the latest dresses weren’t delivered in the right color? And the PDF subscriptions won’t be ready on time… Oh, my computer was stolen at the event fair… and we weren’t insured?”

Ok, everything’s going to be okay. We’re not researchers looking for the cure for cancer. We make clothes and sometimes lemonade… everything’s going to be just fine, this is also a part of being an entrepreneur, problem solving, solution finding. I’m lucky to be surrounded by great people, an amazing team and good advice. Despite it all, it’s a challenge to find Inspiration with a capital “I” while my mind is on less glamorous matters.

I’d like to ask you today about inspiration… where does it come from, how do you find it? I don’t actually know. I think it comes from everywhere, from daily life, the people I meet, but most of all, I think it can only be found when you’re open to listening and looking…

I’m like a sponge when I travel, but right now, I can’t get away and Pinterest isn’t enough! So what about museums? Beautiful boutiques? A nicely decorated coffee? How do you come up with your ideas?

I also wanted to let you know that in order to find ideas, sometimes guidelines and rules help. Sometimes the problems you run into when starting a project are good sources of inspiration. As if having rules helps guide my mind down the right path and gets me out of almost impossible situations! Like: “we have a tiny budget, one week to make it and we want it to go big”. Ok! Inspiration also goes well with things that are scary; having guidelines are the best way to test your creativity!

Today I’m wearing a pair of Sonia By pants I snatched up on sale, a small Lindy Bop sweater, a Zara motorcycle jacket, humongous Mellow Yellow wedges and a Dalida silk scarf, soon available on Wear Lemonade July 8th! Thanks to Olitax for these pictures at the Paris Philharmonic!

Translated by Whitney Bolin
24 juin, 2016