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Hello my darlings! I’m sorry for being a day late, I had announced the release of the Carlotta pattern and the return of the pdf yesterday, but things don’t always go as planned… but I promise you it’s for a good reason. It was a technical issue… to tell you the truth, I have two websites and I can’t read a single line of code. Plus, I’m a perfectionist (to the point that it isn’t a good thing, believe me!). Add a large dose of impatience and you’ll get Lisa Gachet, the annoying boss! So it’s for a good reason,...

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Hello Carlotta

Hello les petits chats ! Je vous souhaite une belle semaine ! Promettez-moi que l’on ne se laissera pas abattre par la météo et qu’on restera connecté sur les internets pour prendre sa dose d’été, parce que finalement ce n’est que dessus que le soleil est au beau fixe ! J’en suis à me demander […]

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Make My Lemonade
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