Hello my little darlings! This article could’ve also been called “from me to me”, since it’s possible to give gifts to yourself too, even in this time of crazy weather. So yes, I’ve been talking about the weather a lot lately but I’m convinced that my mood is directly correlated to the weatherman. As soon as a ray of sunshine peeks out between two hail storms, I glue my nose to the window, literally blinded by the intense light, I’m happy, although I can’t see much but I don’t care. Truly addicted to UVs...
In current news, next Sunday is the celebration of love, unless you live in a cave, you can’t miss it... Even if I know it’s just a commercial holiday aiming to liquidate stores’ stocks of ‘Sweethearts’ between Christmas and Easter, I love February 14th. It’s nice to say we love each other and give each other a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs and take care of the relationship we’ve neglected the rest of the year. People are so sarcastic today! No but seriously, I really like Valentine’s day, I don’t quite know why, but I really like the idea of tacky stuff being tolerated for the day: pink, red, listening to “La vie en rose”, wearing frilly underwear, eating ginger, whispering sweet nothings... I like to do that the rest of the year but I don’t know, I love going all the way for a day, a little like Mother’s Day.
I love my mother every day of the year but it’s a given that everyone must declare their love for their mom once a year. And even if she says she doesn’t care, she loves getting bouquets of flowers and macaroni necklaces. So we might as well do the same for our significant others... oh you’re single? Same thing, celebrate yourself, glory be to you, give yourself some presents, go out with friends, and you can be in love with your friends too... Sunday, treat yourself! I don’t remember where, but I read something great: “in a relationship with being single, until love do we part”... Anyways, February 14th is the day of love.
So today I’d like to give a second life to some Wear Lemonade boxes by making a Valentine’s Lemonade gift box. You just have to download the files to customise it, cut it out, and let yourself be guided by Barry White’s suave voice, grab a few markers and color in the drawings on the box! And as for what’s inside, it’s nothing difficult, promise!
  • A white mug with a spraypainted ombré effect, the technique is the same as in this tutorial
  • A UO lock wrapped in a brown paper box, the tutorial is here
  • A disco globe made using a regular globe found here and a disco ball (it’s important for it to have a styrofoam base)
  • A book of love poems, Froth on the Daydream, Wuthering Heights or Love Letters to Josephine... take your pick
  • A Monoprix candle customised with our sticker to declare your love (huhuhu)
  • A special lipstick message on a mirror...
  • A mini cactus, to spice things up
  • Favor tickets found at Tiger
  1. Hugs and kisses, I hope that this year we’ll have at least one sunny afternoon, I’ll take care of the frills!
DIY-saint-valentin-make-my-lemonade-4 -And for Valentine’s day, our amazing friends at The French Vikings are thinking of you. They made up a treasure hunt to win a ticket to one of their workshops!! Search for these little plates thanks to this card (there are also hints on their Instagram) and share your findings with #VikingValentine. Hugs and kisses, my little darlings! Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
12 février, 2016