Happy Friday honeys ! 

I hope you’re doing fine, I have cravings for light pink, for sweet pink, for gentleness, for Spring finally... The other day, my friend Justine B, enthusiast for heartfelt words and a true live dictionary when it comes to old-fashioned french sayings, told me «en avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil» (something like don’t go out without your coat in april...) although she was dressed like it was the heart of winter on a beautiful sunny (and rare) spring afternoon. Okay then, I won’t even remove a feather even though I really want to wear my flowery shorts and my open toes flat shoes... So here is my fluffy perched on look... I’ve always loved the Sonia Rykiel looks with the feathers coats like this one or this one, i would advise to always take a size smaller when you buy this kind of clothes, even if you feel tight... Let me explain, I bought another comforter jacket last winter, a kind of synthetic sheepskin beige jacket. I realize this description might not be the best but it is actually a very cool jacket. This comforter jacket and this fluffy jacket are quite from the same family of clothes, the ones that you see on the hanger and you desperately want, already picturing yourselves as Sienna Miller to be, and once you have them on well, you look like Chewbacca or P.Diddy, your choice. So, my parry is to 1. Take a small size and 2. Wear it like a mid-season cape. Love you much, see you this weekend for a hairstyle DIY...

Lisa Chewbacca... 




So today I’m wearing Steve Madden heels, that I (almost) never leave, nude is like the new black... A Madame à Paris pair of pants, polka-doted of course. A lace blouse and a coat made out of ostrich-feather La redoute création, my little polka-dot knot my little box (matching up to the bun) and Gérard before it got Birkinized. Thanks to Charlotte for these pictures!



19 avril, 2013