Happy Friday little kitties !

I hope you’ve taken the long week-end off and that you’re reading this from your beach towel. I’m writing to you from Cannes where I am lucky enough to be spending 36 short hours. The sky is an intense blue and I was thinking to myself how nice it would be to be on vacation, to wake up in the morning and say hey “what should I do today?” And what if I did nothing at all…?



;) that’s a good one, I am utterly incapable of doing that! I can do nothing for several hours but then I get bored. A few years ago when I was bed-ridden due to an illness, the doctor had told me I had to stay in the horizontal position for 4 days in order to recuperate, at the time I thought it would be easy, since I was really in really bad shape, but as of the 3rd day, when I started feeling better, I found that time went by sooooo slooowly. So, since I was stuck at home, I decided to change the placement of my furniture: The definition of Resting, according to Lisa Gachet. What can you do, I realize I have an issue, it’s not that big a deal.




For me, the perfect day would be to wake up in the morning and take a long bath listening to Al Green. Make myself a smoothie with lots of fresh fruit, take the time to put lotion on my body from head to toe, and straight out do a face mask. Take my bike, because obviously the weather would be beautiful on this day, and ride crosstown to get a massage. Massage + lotion, I would be all slippery before it’s even noon, but whatever, that’s just a small detail. Have a late lunch with a friend on the patio of a restaurant or in the hidden garden of Café A. And then I’d read a good book, lounging along the canal. Paint my nails with a crazy color polish and head home to get ready to go have a drink with friends and my sweetheart, and walk home barefoot at the end of a long night spent dancing… And what about you, what’s your idea of the perfect day? 



Today I’m wearing a dusty-pink dress by Cos, a jacket made of French terry cloth by a great little brand Jour/né available here at l'Exception, a vegetal leather handbag from Matt & Nat, shoes by Patricia Blanchet and to wear underneath, because this dress is very see-through, a perfect, flesh-colored body suit from Princess Tam-tam.





Translated by Ida Driscoll.

15 mai, 2015