My darlings! I’m on cloud nine! And speaking of cumuli, I’ve also had another cloud, a little gray one, over my head these past weeks. You know, the kind that follow you everywhere, that you can’t do anything about except wait for them to leave? I’m going through a transitional phase right now, and since I’ve always had a hard time being patient, it’s not always easy to wait for time to pass. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to move, to find us a little haven in Paris’ 10th arrondissement. Very sensibly, I announced to my friends that we should give ourselves six months to find the perfect place, but of course after a month I was already starting to curse the words "seloger.com", "leboncoin.fr" and most of all "particulier à particuler.fr". And since I already pictured us living somewhere else, I couldn’t stand anything in our home anymore, I didn’t want to go home in the 19th, or to clean up... you see what I’m saying?
For a while I’ve felt like I’ve become more than an entrepreneur, I’m now the boss of a business. Make My Lemonade is still full of confetti and bobbins of thread, but above all it’s a team of rabid people, that must be guided towards a common goal: make tons of lemonade and live our passion! I think this subject deserves to be revisited, it’s worth writing an entire article on it! Thinking about this, I now find the website design a little too childish for the woman that I’m becoming, and for the creative studio that we’re in the process of building.
I’m telling you, I’m going through a transitional phase over here! From the apartment to the blog, I don’t feel quite like I’m home anymore and I don’t know how it’s going to work out. But time will tell, version 2.0 of Make My Lemonade is being worked out and our application for our favorite apartment that we didn’t dare dream of was accepted (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH )!!! At the end of next week, I’ll be headed toward my craziest real estate and digital dreams! Like I’m literally ready at the starting gate, ready to set sail towards new lemony adventures! Hugs and kisses! Your Captain Lisa Sparrow.
Today I’m wearing a lip printed shirt, not fitted very well, from 3 suisses, but I love the motif, and I only wear it with a jacket anyways, too bad. My red “bouche mordue” Wanda trench coat, candy apple, finishes off any of my outfits. My comfy Samsoe Samsoe jeans, a great Danish brand, Falk x Manolo Blahnik socks and some classic Stan Smiths.
Thank you to the wonderful Olitax for the pictures!
Translated by Whitney Bolin
19 février, 2016