Happy Friday my birds!

Today I am back for a white and blue happy Friday with the brand Esprit. Indeed, the brand asked some bloggers to imagine looks and moodboards regarding what they thought about their summer collection. And as I am a bad student, rather than creating moodboards, I realized small sets to show what their white and blue collection inspired me… Obviously, it makes me terribly think about Greece. Unfortunately, I have never been there yet, and I would not go there and come back just for the occasion… Thus, because I did not really have time to shoot this happy Friday under the Greek sun, I imagined some scenes that represent all the things I would like to do there, in Paris, this summer.



Suitcase, Fleux. Poncho, Esprit. White cactus vase, Fleux. Paper birds and flowers DIY. Towel with polka dots, La cerise sur le gâteau. Blue glasses, ISA.

This summer, I want to take some time, to go to picnic in the Buttes Chaumont, to tame birds and drink litters of Curacao cocktails… Because finally, I think I love spending summer in Paris. Everything is quieter, the scorching heat slows down the frenzy of Paris, and I just enjoy seeing the city like this with its highlighted buildings thanks to the sunny weather.




I loved these last days under the scorching heat, the beginning of summer; I think that there is nothing that can make me happier than walking with bare begs and without any jacket, the hair drying on my shoulders… The night that is a bit cooler because of the stormy evening and the next morning, when the sky is blue again. I do not need much right now but a nice blue sky can change everything, and it makes me even more patient.



City guide of Paris, WallPaper. Towel, La cerise sur le gâteau. Dishes and matches, Fleux. Sunglasses, Jimmy Fairly. Cigarettes, blue oranges, DIY and shirt Esprit.

This summer, I really want to try all the Parisian little cafes’ terraces, I feel like there is only in France where you have this “terrace culture”, the chairs side by side to watch people walking and passing around… For few months, each weekend I want to discover Paris again, like a real tourist, avoiding my favorite districts… to have a boat trip (“bateau mouche”) on the Seine, to go up to the Montparnasse tower, to get lost in Montmartre… And fall in love with Paris, once again. 




Anyway, I am wearing a white pair of jeans, a striped blue shirt, a jacket by Esprit, a small vintage luggage and Patricia Blanchet shoes. And a blue satin little bow in my hair…



Jeans, Esprit. Book "Ça s'est passé un Dimanche", Radiooooo. Vase, bowl and box, Fleux. Headphones, UrbanEars. Paper moon, camera and collar, DIY.

Among the things I want to do this summer, I also would like to take Paris in picture as many times as possible because finally when I am on holidays, far away from my home, I have my camera around my neck to capture every corner. When I often ride my bike, I can see Paris passes before my eyes and at this moment, I realize that I am so lucky to live in the most beautiful city in the world, and I tend to forget it and I sometimes take for granted this atmosphere and this story.



So now, it is your turn! Tell me, what are your plans for this summer? I send you big kisses!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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12 juin, 2015