Hello my little lemons!

Save the date and write in your agenda: on the 31st of August at 10 am, Nina is coming on Wear Lemonade! Let me introduce to you… Nina! I am so excited to show you our next coming piece because Nina could not have existed… I drew it and then I erased it because I thought it was too complicated right after dungarees… I showed my drawings to my friends and they were unanimous, telling me something like “Keep it, if you create it, we are going to wear it for sure!!!!” I cannot say no when it is about my friends who are looking at me with their little eyes you know… For this reason, I put Nina again in the collection but under some conditions! We worked so hard with Laure on the perfect fabric that will fit all morphologies…




It has been really difficult with the fittings on all morphologies we could find but it worked! I wanted a jumpsuit like in the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movie that we could try on in our bestfriend closet and stole immediately… I wanted to have ¾ batwing sleeves that you could, in addition to the classic way, roll up to elbows for the adventure, or even above for a 80s effect! To feminize the outfit, there are the boat neckline (once again) because we just love it, and a fitted waist but not too much thanks to an elastic! For the bottom, it is a carrot pants form with a high-waist so that you have the sensation to have long legs even if you are 1m60 tall… (true story). I almost forgot to tell you but you have two pocket flaps on the buttocks in order to have a better effect because there is nothing worst than pants that completely do not suit the back of the silhouette…




About the fabric, it is crease-resistant. It is a crêpe (a bit heavy) that gives a nice look to the cut. It is the kind of piece of clothes you can wear at any time: you wash it at night and you can immediate wear it on the next morning and no need for ironing! Nina is one piece of clothes but a complete outfit at the same time and it is perfect when you do not really know what to wear… with red lipstick and heels or just comfy sneakers and a bun in your hair. You can also bring it everywhere, in your suitcase, thanks to the crease-resistant material; Nina is always ready to go! Anyway, I am so excited because Nina is coming next week! I also wanted to tell you that the legs are a bit long in order to fit all girls. Do not worry, you can cut and hem, we already showed you how to do here, or even turn-up and I advice you to mark a little point manually to fix the seams on the sides and here we are! Ready to go back to school/work!




As good news never come alone, the week after the launch of Nina, we are going to put 3 golden tickets in your orders that will allow you to win a pair of Stan Smith from Adidas to complete the outfit (only for clothes orders instead of patterns ones this time)! Remember these pictures of our muse Elodie wearing her white Stan Smith! Save the date, next Monday at 10am, Nina is coming on Wear Lemonade and Make My Lemonade, in a ready-to-wear version for €119 and a DIY pattern for €14.90! I send you big kisses!

Thank you Pauline Darley for these pictures taken in our new Lemonade Studio entrance!

Translated by Coralie Clair

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25 août, 2015