Hello darlings! I hope you’re having a nice, almost­Spring, Sunday. I don’t know what’s gotten into me today, it’s not my big spring­cleaning weekend, but it’s time to do some mental and idea cleanup. I think that the thing that made me get up from bed this morning is that fact that since the “PDF Gate”, I’ve been questioning myself quite a bit. I read somewhere that there’ll be no more Wear Lemonade even in the ‘Happy Friday’s, that there’ll be no more tips and friendliness between us like girlfriends, that the joy of it all is gone... ok, stuff happens, this is just a rough patch in our love story but still, it’s good because it spices things up, it’s made me remember things and has given me much to think about. Even if I’ve been focusing on the positive and work these past few days, it still pops back into my head and has really affected me. I’ve tried to analyse everything that’s been said and how it’s resonated with me. And I’ve come to the simple realisation that I’ve changed. Four years ago, when I started the blog, I was 23 years old. And next month I’ll be 28, you can imagine how these past years have changed my life. I’m happy to have evolved, to have perfected our little, constantly moving world, to have reached my dreams although they are still unsure. I’m not the same person and I’m so happy with my personal life that it’s been like the Big Bang again, I’ve never been so liberated. Professionally, it’s also been great, but you already know that, going from working alone on my couch to sometimes eight of us working in the Lemonade Studio. From my education and past experiences, I now know what kind of person I’d like to be, it takes time, but each day, my idea of this person becomes more and more clear. Wear Lemonade is my Love, everyone at work’s baby, and of course I talk about it and wear it often! It’s thanks to the blog that all of this has been possible and more simply put, I’ve been lucky to create the collections that I’ve dreamt of wearing, I would be crazy not to wear them... Less DIYs? Yes it’s true but I prefer 100% quality over quantity. I prefer having a good idea that will give a great result rather than lots of mediocre ideas that you and I wouldn’t be proud of. It’s that simple. I take my time because I hate forcing myself to be creative when the inspiration isn’t there. The other day, I was looking over the website’s first articles and I felt a tenderness for the lights, the layouts, the graphic design, the pictures but I was also happy to see that the style and techniques have really changed. It’s important for me, with my professional baggage, to try to be better and to improve myself all the time, that’s how I am! All of this goes to say that the blog is my workspace, the place where I found myself, my window to the world, to show you the wildest
things we’ve imagined and my favorite place to interact with you, because that’s the real icing on the cake. So I’ve evolved and I’d like to know if you have too? These past years haven’t changed you too? Hugs and kisses. Lisa Translated by Whitney Bolin
15 mai, 2016