Mes sweethearts,

It was a close call my honey buns, the failure of the blog was like I was missing a limb... If the washing machine is stubborn, if the sink is blocked up, if I have to become Mario Bros or to put in a shelf with a drill, dowels and everything else, I am not scared a bit. But when it comes to the internet with html codes and DNS servers, I feel like Bill Murray in Lost in translation. And the more I try to understand something, the more I feel like missing the point completely. So, once I got over being powerless, I had to find someone to handle the crisis during a weekend - I therefore want to thank Romain S. like 5000 times for helping me recover my eyesight (or something similar!).

So, crisis 2.0 handled, here is my little movie about New York and the fashion week with Gemey Maybelline. You’ll see, it was busy (but you knew that already) ! I hope you’ll enjoy it. I have to say that each time I come back from NY I ask myself «When are we going back?» and I know that we always think the grass is brighter next door but damn I would love to live there ! One thing is certain: buildings are higher on the other side of the atlantic ocean... I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and to ward off the sunday-night-blues, I will leave you to NYC’s company (so you can plan your next holidays ?)

I kindly kiss you!

PS: If you didn’t have enough backstage, make-up and other mouse’s pics, rendezvous on the brand’s tumblr



10 mars, 2013