Happy Friday honeys !

 Just a quick word to update you with fresh news from the front. Here everything is fine despite the shitty weather - it will not reach me, I am in a powerful phase and I decided not to feel down - and as we say work is good for you! So I’m throwing myself deep into my work (for a change)! I have looots of posts ready for you to read and after 3 months in my life as a freelance, I am finally getting myself organized ! A jewelry DIY isn’t far to thank you for your fidelity and your support emails and comments! And also a special week is coming... And also news, a big contest and soon a new design that I still have to work on... So as you can see I keep myself busy ! I come back soon with nice projects, the end of the NY series and more collaborations that I care about !

 Je vous embrasse !



 Today I’m wearing a sweatshirt by Little fashion gallery - yes yes you did read it right, Little fashion gallery is launching a line of clothes for children from 0 to 10 years old, very in and very cheap ! Don’t panic, I cannot wear a 10-years-old sweatshirt, this one was made especially for the team and I saw my chance to talk to you about it. I’m sure there are mummies among you that would fall for a golden tutu or a sorbet cardigan for their kids. It is also a good address if you have a baby shower or a birthday party and you need a gift.

Back to our Happy friday #40... How time flies! Under this highschooly sweatshirt, I’m wearing my shirt-collar top from COS. I’m also wearing a stolen from Ryan Gosling jacket from Zara and a leopard printed short from Zara as well that I don’t seem to be able to get rid of (it almost went into the last vide dressing suitcase). Opaque tights (yes, I know...) and hobnailed derbies that are a little too gorgeous by Georgia Rose. 


08 mars, 2013