My littles kittens,

It is quite late to post - besides it’s funny to say that there is a time to post, like there would be a perfect timing or something, given that I am the one who fixes the rules... I’d love to surprise you by posting at any time day or night BUT there is something you need to know about me: I cannot stay awake after midnight, unless I have a deadline the next morning and liters of coffee to help me... But I usually sleep like a log, like one who crashes at the second I lay down, it’s physical, like a doll who would close her eyes when you put her horizontally... 




Anyway! I had a big laugh thanks to your challenges... I can say that many of you wanted me to do many things under the Eiffel Tour, or to be naked in the streets of Paris with food over my face... Well...What can I say... I was ready to put my swimsuit by the Canal St Martin but it never came out, and in terms of timing and logistics, I have no dress of Cendrillella and no bird costume in my closet... Therefore I leave you to the three winners, I admit I didn’t go too far... But I did make the passers-by laugh, and I can still feel the consequences of some of them.

Winner #1: Marianne F @Mariou @makemylemonade «Can you make a tuto beauty/hairstyle to a pedestrian in the street ?» Yes, this one was the easiest... By I love the idea of a style squad! Challenge #1

Winner #2: Mandine @Amandouni @makemylemonade « Dare to do a Happy Friday with ALL the clothes from your closet ?» Well yes, and my photographer roared with laughter! Okay, I don’t actually wear all my clothes but I couldn't put on more. Challenge #2

Winner #3: Oph @LilOph @makemylomande «Will you dare to go out wearing a tutu with your cat in your arms ??» This one was on paper the simplest and the coolest BUT Frida freaked out and mangled my back so I didn’t want to traumatize her any further so we stayed one metre away from my front door, but it still counts ! Challenge #3



06 mars, 2013