My little kitties, my little chestnuts…

We planned to post this DIY a bit later for Christmas but at the Studio we thought it would be a good idea to share it with you right now in order to celebrate Paris… Finally, I think that making you dream and showing you that nothing is impossible are part of our mission so we continue to post, for you but also for ourselves! I found this image on Pinterest and then I also look for some tutorials on YouTube. I was not really convinced so I made my own “lemonade” and here is a meticulous but easy DIY!




For this DIY you need:

  • - Cardboard (50x65cm)
  • - 2 white paper sheets (50x65cm) around 100g
  • - 1m of yellow LED (we found ours at Leroy Merlin for €15)
  • - Some glue
  • - A scalpel, ruler and pins

Start to cut the cardboard following this plan.




We are now going to create the box thanks to some pins. Be careful to do it in the following order. Take the bottom of the box and using a scalpel, take a 1.5x1.5cm square off on one of the corners. 




Then, you are going to take the two longer sides that will form the top and the bottom of your box and fix them with pins to the first side. Do the same with the smallest sides of the box aligning them with the top and bottom sides and fix them with pins too.




Now place the LED into the box. There is often an adhesive part under so it is easier to fix it! Put it at the bottom of the box on each 4 sides.




Here we are, you can now admire your light box! Then, take a small 2cm stick and put it at the bottom of the box in order to fix all the different sheets of paper.




It is now time to create Paris in paper! Download the different visuals of Paris here and print them directly on the thick paper (on the reverse side)! Using a scalpel, create all the windows and buildings silhouettes! It is going to take some time but it’s really worth it!




Once you have your 8 different pieces, we are going to put them all together! Start with the background with the moon. You can also make some stars with pins!




Once you have cut all your “Paris” pieces, you are going to stick the cardboard strips on the back of the paper, on the different sides. Start from the top (at the rooftop level) to the bottom of the building (2nd picture).




Cut the part of the stick that is not needed with a scalpel. Repeat the operation for each piece!




I know it takes a lot of time but the result is more than magical!




You will have a big sandwich of “Paris” pieces that you are going to put inside of the cardboard box.




For the final touch, you are going to stick the thick paper frame on the outside of the box.




Switch on the light and here we are!




Translated by Coralie Clair
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18 novembre, 2015