Hey my little darling kitties, 

I want to say beautiful words of love to you, this sunshine makes me want to bill and coo, and give out lemonade at my stand-on-wheels in the streets of the Sentier neighborhood, all afternoon long, instead of working. This weather we are having is like fuel for the neurons! Today I would like to tell you about, without giving it all away, the most beautiful exhibition that I have ever had the fortune to see, in an exclusive sneak preview, at the V&A Museum (Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL), a retrospective of the works of Alexander McQueen.

To be honest, I knew of the work of this famous Englishman, without really knowing it after all. Upon seeing the exhibition, I truly discovered the extent of his work, and was blown away by his heightened sensitivity…Truth be told, I have rarely been so astonished.




These collections are not articles you would wear in everyday, real life. But they are gifts to humanity. Seriously. If you ask me, he was a true artist, and yes there are many people with talent, but for me, he was more than that. In my opinion, artists are people who create beauty, who tell stories, who make us want their precision and beauty to remain unaltered, everlasting throughout the centuries. At the exhibition, you can see how his work became crazier and crazier, his perspective blended and merged his inspirations, and it’s a tribute to the craftsmanship and skill he put into action in order to relay his message.




If I’m talking about the exhibition itself, I thought it was perfect, a flawless presentation. There were many rooms which paid tribute to various periods and inspirations of Alexander McQueen. There were two rooms in particular that I just fell in love with, an enormous room completely compartmentalized into wooden boxes, inside of which were screens showing projections of old shows, as well as mannequins and accessories, this room was called the Cabinet of Curiosities, for me it was just like a box of chocolates. Everything was exquisite, every detail highlighted, celebrating his meticulous and extraordinary work with different materials. And my breath was taken away a second time when in the room leading up to a hologram of Kate Moss trapped in a glass pyramid. Oh yes, you read it right, impossible to get a picture, but I’ll leave that surprise intact for you. And the second room, covered in a mosaic of mirror facets, with spinning mannequins, reflections to infinity, all that to the soothing sounds of a cute song by Bjork. There you have it, that’s all it took to get the tears flowing!




I was lucky to discover this exhibition thanks to Eurostar and its 2 for 1 program: a program which allows you to gain free entrance to certain exhibitions by simply showing your Eurostar tickets! Attractive offer, right? Here is a list of participating museums.  

Big kisses, and I’m off! By the way, I’ll be in London tomorrow and if I have a bit of time, I think I might let myself be swept away once again…And how about you, have you been to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Grand Palais or that of Jeanne Lanvin at Palais Galleria?

Translated by Ida Driscoll




21 avril, 2015