Dear otters,

Today is the day: Christmas is coming and each year you are going to find a last minute present, in a crowded shopping center… all this energy to finally buy a gift for yourself while drinking a hot chocolate in a cafe “to reward you because you handled this terrible day”.
Now it is over or at least, the Lemonade Team will help you to avoid this situation. Indeed, today I am going to show you the best of our DIYs that will be perfect for a Christmas gift. The countdown has begun, you only have 24 days to work on it and have the pleasure to see your friends asking you for tips on the 23rd at night. I do not even talk to you about the moment your family will open your presents and the famous “I did it myself!” For those who already realized all the DIYs (you are crazy!) do not worry because lots of new ideas are going to be posted here in the next days.




Let’s start with the Mexican fringes DIY to pimp all your lace-up shoes. It is simple and easy! Make sure the person you are going to offer the present to has the adequate style (if she already owns a fringes perfecto, it is perfect!)

You can also choose the To The Moon And Back DIY, the DIY of love, if you cannot afford a trip to the other side of the world, you can still go to the moon.

The Sailor bag DIY is a classic. It can also be a nice gift to offer to a man (yes we planned it).




As we also love the youngest, we recommend you the Muppet DIY that will be a very nice DIY to do during rainy days. No allergy excuses, we can adopt them all.

Few days ago, we posted the Moveable Feast DIY that was very welcomed during this dark period. We though it would be a nice Christmas present but you can choose the landscape you want.

I remember you were all very excited to win the Milk bag DIYs. It is time, one year later, to make your own! It will be a good excuse to watch lots of movies at home and you can also make one for you.




The Weekly Headband DIY is easy and you will not have one gift to offer with seven! It is a very good idea for the girls who sew a lot and do not know what to do with the fabrics they have left.

This one is not that old but I think the Break In Case DIY is clearly a Christmas must-have that can be adapted to any situation and to everyone: I personally would like to create a “Break in Case of Hunger” filled with chips.

A small bag, a sewing kit, a purse, everything is possible with the Cat Pouch DIY! I know, this post is starting to look like a teleshopping ad… I can do better.




The Disco Dino DIY is one for the easiest and fastest of all. You just need a dinosaur, some glue, and glitter and here we are! In order not to have a long negotiation with your little cousin, you can find the perfect dinosaurs here.

For those who are more patient: the Embroidered Shirt DIY. Believe me, it really worth it (did I already tell that we are doing contests at the Lemonade Studio about the most unlikely expression?) I advise you to use your best glasses!

As you know how much we love glitter, confetti, and disco balls, I had to show you the Pimp my Socks DIY! You will have a good excuse to explain to your lover the reason why you are wearing sandals with socks in winter.

I send you big kisses my otters and do not forget to send us your pictures at!

Charlotte S.


Translated by Coralie Clair
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01 décembre, 2015