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Hello my little butter biscuits ! 
I’m just passing by on this Sunday to tell you about a nice collaboration I was lucky enough to make with Bourjois. The kind of creative partnership I love: drawing a collection of temporary tattoos for this summer. As some of you might have guessed I’m currently finalizing another book/set about temporary tattoos with the Eyrolles editions (which is also in partnership with Bourjois, I’m fond of long-lasting love stories) so if everything goes well you should be able to be entirely tattooed with my drawings by the end of 2014. 


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In the meantime to find this temporary tattoos kit, rendez-vous on the Bourjois online shop or at your local Monoprix or Sephora. The 50 tattoos are sold for 8,75€ while stocks last (I’ve always wanted to say that…). Sweet kisses and I’m quite nostalgic while posting these pictures because they were taken in Noosa… See you tomorrow for the beginning of a new Theme week ! 

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01 juin, 2014