Happy sunday my chestnuts, 

I was talking yesterday about a new section… Well here we are « EYE CANDY » will be as it says: love, sweetness for your eyes, warm chocolate for your brain… A beautiful picture or series of images for inspiration depending on what’s in store this day… It will mainly be a weekend section.




I’m opening this new section with the windows of the Garleries Lafayette made by the talented Bonsoir Paris. For the ones who are following me for a while, my love is one of the founding partners of Bonsoir Paris, so if I’m talking about their work today it is because I’m so proud of him, of them… Bravo les gars… This is only a glimpse of the windows (there are 16 different ones in total). So if you are in Paris I am inviting your to treat your inspiration by walking around the Boulevard Haussmann at dusk…




Bonsoir Paris for the Galeries Lafayette, « breathe in breathe out » installation from February, 5th to March, 11th. Rush there ! 



09 février, 2014