Happy Monday la compagnie !

 I had forgotten how much I loved doing inspirations board ! Even more with a huge deco feeling... I don’t know if it’s because I’m craving for Spring to come or if it is just the smell of fresh paint that I miss, but if it were for me I would paint all the walls of my living room in light pink, yellow, white and black... Everything is fine, I am in need of colors, fine lines, wooden shelfs and some graphic diamond shape touches... I am aware that we see a lot of diamond shape lately, and it’s been a while, and some brands like Ferm living or Hay (to quote only them...) are riding the wave a lot... But I think it works really well and I want that today... So the challenge was the recipe of the week because I played all my cards with the Calisson recipe... But I am resourceful you know that and all theses colors really inspired me... To be continued tomorrow... A deco DIY, a graphic wish list and a new design for my articles... And of course a diamond shape look ! What a challenge ?! - or, how a deco trend can invade my life in less than a week...

What is your deco obsession of the moment ? I wish you a beautiful week my chesnuts... 




And if you want to find the source of all these images, I invite you on my pinterest and his Diamond Shape board... Mille baisers, Lisa.


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