Happy Wednesday, darlings! So today I’d like to show you how to make DIY hair bun jewelry! You might say that we won’t stop at anything... I’m a huge fan of alternative jewelry, in thin, delicate metals in a minimal style. I admit that lately I’ve surprised myself, doodling earrings and other jewelry in the corners of my notebooks, I miss designing jewelry! I think there may be some upcoming jeweled DIYs!
More than anything, I love putting things in my hair... I just realised that six out of seven days of the week, I wear a bun high on my head! Why not make it a jewelry bun! To your pliers and scissors, have fun and don’t forget to share your photos with us!
make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-bijoux-chignon-1   Pour ce DIY il vous faut :
  • Brass metal leaves
  • A golden circle clip that’ll serve as a base (found at Rougié & Ple)
  • Rather rigid golden wire,
  • Large crimp beads,
  • Scissors,
  • A punch,
  • Cutting pliers,
  • Flat pliers.
To start, cut all your leaves out of the brass paper. For their form, imagine two leaves facing each other, like a reflection, leaving a good 0,5cm seam between them.
Go ahead and cut out about thirty leaves, of different sizes. We didn’t make up a pattern for them since they don’t have to be identical, diversity is good my friends! Now you can go ahead and emboss the leaves with a pencil if you like, as if you were drawing the leaf’s veins.
Now take the handle of the hole punch or pencil and gently roll the leaves around it to give it a nice curve.
With the help of your punch, make a hole at the seam of the two leaves, but not too little nor too big!
Do the same to all the leaves, you’ll need about thirty to make this jewelry. Take your wire and cut off 35cm.
Attach one end of the wire to the base of the bracelet, wrapping it firmly around it with the help of your flat pliers. Slide on the first crimping bead and flatten it with the help of the same pliers, about 2 cm from from the attached end of the wire.
Slide your first leaf on the wire, then another crimping bead, crimp it to block your leaves on the wire.
Continue to do this all over the base frame, forming little bridges every 3⁄4 cm, rolling the wire around the base.
You can continue by going around it several times, with wires of varying thicknesses. You can also slide on little golden beads to make them look like flower buds! Finish it off by tightly wrapping the ends. And Ta­Da!
20 janvier, 2016