Hello my little lemons! As promised, here’s the entire abc’s t​hat we made for the Etsy training program I was telling you about earlier this month! We had a lot of fun making up this alphabet! Here’s just a quick peek since we’ve posted all these letters over the past seven days on Instagram. But as we know you don’t all have Instagram, I wanted to show you the final product here! If you would like to take a look at all the letters one by one, check out our Instagram account and click on each letter to read all the definitions and mantras that inspire one’s hectic life as their own boss. I would like to use this post to thank Lemonade Studio’s Charlotte and Olitax for their patience, their expert eyes and hands, for going along with me despite my increasingly twisted ideas... Thank you to Billy and Nadir for their “Q” made out of concrete, and for helping us out with the “J” and “C” which were a little hard. Thanks to Alexandra B, my sweet friend for her craziness and help will our letters “L” and “O” in modeling clay. And a big thanks to darling Noémie from Radioooo for the delicate “B”! And for your dirty minds when it comes to the “T”... Hugs and kisses, see you tomorrow!
grille-etsy Translated by Whitney Bolin.[:]
25 janvier, 2016