Hello my little darlings! To keep in mind all the good resolutions you’ve come up with, we’ve decided to make you some little flags! No need to be an expert with a needle, just follow our step­by­step instructions, turn on the TV, and everything will be fine! I’m excited to see you this Wednesday for this short DIY and I hope to be able to start our new creative rendezvous of the week! Relax your fingers, gather the needed materials for this weekend and polish up your office decorations... Hugs and kisses!
For this DIY, you’ll need :
  • The files to download and print here,
  • Different colored felt,
  • Different colored thread bobbins,
  • White flocking paper or white felt or galley flocking paper..
  • Scissors,
  • Glue,
  • A needle,
  • Embroidery thread.
To start: download, print, and cut out the pieces!
Trace the pieces on the felt (trace them on the backside to be sure to avoid pen marks on the visible side of your felt by turning it over)! Good luck! For the letters, trace it on the back side on the matte part of the flocking paper and cut it out!
Put the different pieces in place. You can keep them in place with a dot of glue to make it easier (only put the glue in the middle of the pieces so you won’t end up getting glue on the needle). For the lettering, the shiny side should be facing you. Iron for several seconds. If you don’t have flocking paper, you can make the lettering out of white felt and embroider it.
As soon as the felt cools off, peel off the film.
Now take your needle and the matching thread and start embroidering, making small, close stitches, as even as possible. Do this all over the flag! Take your time, in front of a good movie... for the bathing suit, I suggest you use a chain stitch !
And there you have it, you just have to sew the links with several stitches to hold it in place. And Ta­Da!
  make-my-lemonade-do-it-yourself-fanions-10   Translated by Whitney Bolin[:]
06 janvier, 2016