Only three Eat&Move recipes to go! When they will all be done I’d almost want to re-do them all to eat them first, and also to re-take their pictures and write the recipes on the pics to make a cute booklet that you could download and print and keep in your kitchen... I like imagining you behind your screen, and when you send me the pictures of your own creation, I can picture you slaving over you stove, your fingers recovered in eggs and flour looking on your computer for the rest of the recipe, and I keep that image of you in my head. Anyway, back to our topic and for the first recipe of the year, I thought we could keep going with our resolutions... I’m not gonna go to the Club Med Gym and kill a chocolate fondant right after, we’ll see in february for the greediness, I offer that we end January greatly with a bikini friendly recipe, and we’ll have the whole year to kill our paunch. I even did this crunchy, even crispy recipe, as a lunch for two muscled guys and I didn’t hear the «Where is the meat?» question! Tell me you the nutrition specialists, is Quinoa starch or protein?



For this crunchy recipe you will need:

  • -  A bunch of radish
  • -  A handful of dried apricots
  • -  A celery
  • -  A cucumber
  • -  A red onion
  • -  200 g of feta cheese
  • -  Coriander
  • -  Sesame
  • -  200g of Quinoa !



Start with boiling a large pan of salted water and when it’s ready, put the Quinoa to cook for around 12 minutes (when the shell around each grain is transparent). Meanwhile, cut in small dices the cucumber, the red onion and the celery. Wash and cut the radishes with a mandolin. Cut the dried apricots lengthwise to make small lashes. Once the Quinoa cooked, strain it well and put it under cold water to stop the cooking, strain again and mix all the ingredients. Add salt and pepper as you wish and serve. Add chiseled coriander, a pinch of sesame and a trickle of olive oil... Enjoy ! 


radis sportifs

07 janvier, 2013