Happy Friday, darlings! I didn’t post our “Good People “ article yesterday because I wanted to fix a couple of things! Plus, I thought that it would make more sense to finish off the week with a special guest... and we have big news to share at the end of this week! I think you’ll like it... anyways, everyone at the Lemonade Studio is super excited for our new workshop, but I can’t tell you anything else right now (I’m so excited!!). Today is a special Happy Friday since you get to see our theme week. I put together not just one, but two looks for you with pieces from the latest collection! By the way, it got me thinking that I myself haven’t yet done my shopping on Wear Lemonade! I’m just wearing some prototypes that we used to shoot our lookbook...
It’s time I decided which pieces I want before they’re all gone! I haven’t even had the time to get a navy blue, striped Greta dress... luckily we were able to order more fabric from Spain, and get an emergency delivery of striped Greta dresses and Ada skirts from the factory in Macedonia that we showed you last year!


I’m wearing flowy Chambray Fiona overalls, size medium, a sienna-colored Maya bodysuit, size small, a Thalullah kimono, size medium, an Argument x Chacok necklace and a pair of lovely Robert Clergerie shoes. As you already know, on January 1st I made the resolution to stop buying fast fashion. I know, I can’t really complain since I get to design my dream clothes, but still! Since I love shopping, I’ve been avoiding stores and certain neighborhoods. And I’ve been ‘air shopping” online: I fill up my cart and then leave... that’s enough for me! I almost put up an internet blocker so I won’t go to certain websites... yeah, I need help! But anyways, it’s forcing me to get back in touch with lots of clothes in my closet...
I’m not going to give another speech on the ethics of clothing production, but as I get older, it means more and more to me and influences me to choose one brand over another. Especially since in this day and age, the surplus of choices makes it hard to tell where things are from and what they’re actually made of. On one hand, and it’s a good thing, ‘Made in China’ doesn’t necessarily still mean that the quality’s bad and the working conditions are poor. I once bought a dress, convinced that it was made of silk, and it was actually just a really nice polyester fabric! On the other hand, you can also end up throwing out a silk top after wearing it just once if it starts unraveling in a snap. The trick is to look closely at the pictures when shopping online. Beware of shiny, synthetic fabric- it’ll be shockingly worse in person! And don’t judge too quickly... I think it really depends on where it’s made. I try to avoid any brands that aren’t clear on how they make their clothes.


I’m wearing the sienna-colored Ada skirt, size medium, a “Bee My Baby” t-shirt, size medium (we’re getting more reprinted too), a mustard colored Thallula kimono, size M, and a DIY bandana that I’ll tell you more about later!

What tips do you have for buying online? I’ll write an article with your advice and our’s at the Lemonade Studio. Oh and thanks for being so quick to reply to our survey newsletter! You have so many amazing ideas, thank you for participating and for your comments that were taken into consideration! Stay tuned!
You may have already noticed (I can’t hide anything from you!) I’ve got my natural hair back. After wearing extensions for 5 months, my hair has definitely grown out and I didn’t lose that much. I’m such a bed head when I wake up... so I had Fred layer it a little bit but not too much since I’m trying to get myself ready psychologically for a new style... I haven’t made any final decisions but I’m definitely going for a big change! Okay, I’m lying, I want to cut my hair short (sorry mom, sorry Thomas). But until I’m ready and it’s nice out and I can feel the breeze on the back of my neck, I’m going to leave my hair alone... when will Spring get here?


Photos @Olitax <3

Translated by Whitney Bolin

17 février, 2017