Happy Friday todos !

I am in a terribly good mood and it is your fault. Yes, your fault because you are throwing all this love to my face and if you are wondering what I do about it, let me tell you that I take it and wrap myself into it. And I enjoy it ! Thank you THANK YOU thank you.

And I’m in a good mood also because of my new hair cut... Who says my-new-hair-cut, says Fred... Of course it is signed by our national Fred! I love the idea that Fred is a rare and precious thing... A bit like a head designer as if I had a pair of Louboutin instead of my hair... Thank you Fred, for your fingers and for the snip of your golden scissors.

But?! You’re gonna ask me, «you cannot do your bun anymore ?!» Well no, and I’m happy about it. With this almost existential question that is «are we cutting or not?» I feel like brand new! My mother (I keep talking about her these days!) sent me this picture of five-years-old me with a bun and a stripped tee-shirt and I thought «it’s crazy because we could take the exact same picture».

 Only, the thing is it kind of scares me in a way... Time is passing by and damn! I’ve had the same hair cut, the same look, the same face for 20 years... And the night after, in a dream that was so introspective that Freud’s beard would straigthen, I was cutting my bun from its base... I feel bad. I call Fred at 8:04 am and he says «we cut baby». And I relive. Just like I was born again (yes, rebirth), a chapter is closing, my hair are flying... I’m crazy ! Have a wonderful weekend ! 




Today I’m wearing little cute flat ballerinas from Valensi, red dotted swiss tights from H&M and a pair of red chino pants La Redoute. This look should remind you of another one... A dress bought more than a year ago at Topshop, but so short that I’d rather wear it like a blouse... A DIY kitty bag...mine this time, et Rimmel London lipstick (the Kiss of Love 111 color)...




08 février, 2013