Soo, as it is FREEZING cold outside (thank youuu SPRING 2013) I will not give up my fur coat made of giraffe/dalmatian for today... I did however give up my old-lady like nylon long socks JUST for the picture and I ran straight to the nearest radiator afterwards... I hope you had a great week and you will throw yourself body and soul into your weekend! You can be sure that I will stay busy making stuff... Such as decoration for my office and spring cleaning - I think I might be crazy because I love taking care of my home from top to bottom once in a while: to sort things out, to clean the windows, to tidy under the bed, to line up my bobbins and to fold my panties... But don’t get me wrong, regarding the everyday-life cleaning I leave it to my loving boyfriend because I have to tell you something: in fact, I am SO messy that if you leave me in a tidy apartment with as little as a sewing machine, a pair of scissors and some fabric, less than 10 minutes later it is the apocalypse! Anyway, let’s clean I’m sure it will make Spring comes around !




On this freezing friday, I am wearing my coat from Asos already seen here, my fir green sweater with a tiny bit of lurex from Cos, a crazy fuchsia pair of pants that makes me feel on the top of the world from Zara, a pair of Ted Baker stiletto coming straight from the new Sarenza online shop that I talked to you about earlier «the very sexy shoes»... Necklaces, one is good, two is better, and three tell me about it...! Mango, Reine Rosalie and the last one is vintage... 


05 avril, 2013