Happy friday my chestnuts !
This is officially summer on the calendar, but not so much outside... But I decided not to care, I have wind you up with the weather forecast enough lately and it seems to me that I’ve been playing the same disc in a loop... Since vitaminwater I want colors and I think that the next two months will be vitamined and colorful around here... I don’t know about you but for me, the only fact of passing by a colorful wall makes me smile, meeting a girl with a yellow jacket makes me want to dare... You might say that I don’t need much but the lack of sunshine burning my skin precisely makes me compensate by wearing vibrating and eye-burning colors... I swear, just try, get you fuchsia pants and your yellow dc marten’s out, it will do you good... 
I would totally picture myself as a fashion M.D., who would have done her residency at Super timai’s famous practice:
«Well my good lady, do you sleep at least 10 hours a night and yet feel tired and depressed ? Mmmmh I see, well your course of treatment will be 2 days of meringue lemon pie: a (small) slice each mornings, lunches and dinners, and you will wear bright color at least 3 times a week covering at least 30% of you body. If your symptoms prevail, come back to me and we’ll do a small sun lamp DIY.»
Talking about DIY, I have two big news for you! Stay tuned this weekend because I’m preparing you a little something so you can activate your fingers and I’ll be at Brunch Bazar on saturday from 5 to 7 pm to sign your make my partys (there will also be some on sale for those of you who’d forget theirs...) tomorrow’s edition of brunch bazar is under the Alexandre III bridge, port des invalides, 75007 Paris. See you there ?
Today I’m wearing & Other stories shoes, a mini skirt from the current Zara collection, a Baruckello top, a CRAZY Carven jacket, a little H&M flower into my bun, and my love bag  Erotokritos...
28 juin, 2013