Happy Friday kitties! 

And yes, it is Friday already, the new year begins and weeks are already flying too fast… So as promised, I’m going to tell you about my resolutions 2014, even though it’s true that in the end it’s my business, writing them helps me to try to remember them, as if I’d assimilate them better (a fancy of the mind?)

So my resolution number one, before any other ones: to get a head start at everything, to keep taking days as they come but to be organized, and worst, to become the organization itself. Too many things are in my head and I’m juggling with lots of topics, my fear always is to lack the time to do them all, and the time I loose « panicking » I feel it would better be used to plan and organized my days. So far I’m good at it and I simply want this year to keep going the same way but just more  serenely and even better! Keep cool 2014…




My resolution number two is of course to keep doing things with my heard, to keep finding new way to show, to try to surprise you, to cut it short, to reinvent myself while staying faithful to who I am… Not so easy huh! 2014 New « myself »… Or something like that. 



And my resolution number three, the last one, yes I only have three because I think that if I make a huge list I have no chance to stock to it… Is to enjoy the little victories! To be glad about the little things such as: the end of a project, an old client calling me for a new job, a shower of nice comments, etc… Take those things as support because this is what they are, instead of filling overwhelmed by the pressure to do better than the last time. 2014 Take it easy…




So here are my 3 resolutions, when I read myself I feel like I am a little freaked out, but you know I’d rather tell myself that nothing can be taken for granted, and always be on the alert than rest on my laurels (I’m about to give you my whole repertoire of sayings today…) So exit the resolutions like stop going to McDonalds (because I killed it on the 1st of January), go to the gym 3 times a week (hahaha), tidy things when I’m done using them (pfff), hang out my laundry when they’re done and not wash them twice etc… But this is only between me and myself, I know that writing them will make you smile but in the end, these resolutions are only details… And what about you, what are your « real » resolutions?




And to go back to our topic of the day, the happy friday, I’m wearing a red hat (nothing to do with the news) Uniqlo, a woodcutter shirt Uniqlo, a necklace given to me by the sweet Caroline from Numéro 8, a skirt and a lovey coat Uniqlo, a lady handbag Le tanneur, twisted with a pair of New balance sneakers. Oh yeah and, because I know you’re going to ask me, I’m wearing an Urban Decay lipstick "F-Bombe"....

10 janvier, 2014