Hello my little woodland wolves, 

I hope you are well. As for me, I’m not going to lie; the events of January have made me think hard, and made me see my daily life and my career in a new light. I was in major slow-motion mode, wondering if my topics on this blog were making any sense. So, I opted to take my time, focus on projects that are important to me and now I’m back. It’s a bit like a false start to 2015. Moreover, we are preparing a schedule for this year at our office, tasty and colorful to whip our gloomy dispositions back into shape…Stay tuned, and we’ll have that for you at the beginning of next week! Ahhh! I have some other news as well, the moon wallpaper will be back soon on the e-shop, and the patterns as well, and more importantly WE HAVE AN OFFICE!! Yeah!! Phew! 



Today I’m back to share an outfit with you, kind of a uniform for the new year. A pair of pantyhose that are not too opaque, because I find that they don’t always slim the leg, but not transparent ones either, because let’s be honest people, IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE. So I’ve found that the 50 Denier pantyhose are just the right combination. A pair of slightly loose boots with a square heel so you can run all over town, a sweater dress, a real soft item, a must-have in my January wardrobe. And to avoid being cold, I always have a jacket underneath my gray coat…Here, it’s a REIKO jacket which I dug up at my favorite shop in Lacanau Océan, the town where I took vacation. You know the kind of store that you come across while on vacation, where you take the time to look at everything, making you wish you had a shop like this in the big city you come from. It’s because the heart and soul of these kind of shops are the people who run them, and make their own beautiful selection of what they sell in the shop. This boutique is called Couleur Salée, and fortunately, this little shop is on-line, to give you something with which to prolong the summer, or give you a teaser of the sun to come…




So today, I’m wearing boots by Maje from a former collection, 50 denier pantyhose, a sweater dress from Asos, a jacket by REIKO found in the shop Couleur Salée a gray coat from Asos, a cashmere scarf from Kujten, a hat I bought in Copenhagen but you can find a similar one here with a flower on it, from Karuna Balloo.




Sending big kisses your way, and don’t ever give up, my little kittens!


Translated by Ida Driscoll, Photos by Julie Perrot.

23 janvier, 2015