Happy Friday guys!

“What’s going on?” told me the Danish man when I went outside dressed like this. Well, nothing, I just wanted to wear a low-cut dress. There are days like this one where I would like to try new things because I feel good and I wanted to assume my body. Here I am, walking outside, the sun is up and I think it is going to be a lovely day. In the streets, people are looking at me and I do not know if it is about the hat, the low neckline or just me smiling alone… Anyway, when I enter the metro, I instinctively hide my chest with my shawl… and I continue to cover myself until I get to the office and then, I decide to take off my shawl and act like if everything was normal. I knew people were looking at me but I decided to ignore them. I think it was fun finally but I felt like something different was happening.




The day continued and I did not really think about it. It was like I had superpowers and wore the low neckline like the V of victory, it was a bit strange: the power of clothes. Then, at night, I went to a party and met a woman with a bigger chest than mine and I told myself “stop looking at her boobs Lisa”, it was beautiful and I was hypnotized. With my smaller cleavage, I start thinking that it was a sensitive topic. Let’s go back to the beginning of this day that was finally a crash test day. During the morning, when I put my low-cut body on, I wore it because I really wanted to. However, I knew I did not live in autarky and that I will see other people… Then, I unconsciously knew I was going to expose a part of my anatomy to the world. Moreover, when I saw the reaction of my love, I said, “Indeed… but I do not care”. It made me happy. By the way, the chest is the oldest and more natural thing in the world, and during summer I am always topless and I am not questioning myself at all. Indeed, the context is different but we are still talking about boobs, everyone already saw boobs at least once…




I went outside and I covered my V neckline: a matter of context I guess. At the office, I was assuming myself because I was confident and during the night I was…here to be seen? Still do not know. More than a feminine highlighter, is the low neckline an accessory? Like “did you see my scandal red jacket?” Can we say something or not? Is it a form of respect not to say anything? To me, when I met this woman, I wanted to tell her “your low neckline is sublime”, like I would say, “your shoes are incredible”… Is it appropriated? However, if a man told you this, is he considered as a pervert? My question is: how not to see what is so visible? One day, I did a post on the blog about low necklines with big boobs and smaller chests… Nevermind, I think we just do what we want with our own body and I admire the girls who have this liberty and I would like to be as free as they are. It is crazy to see how few centimeters of skin, that we are not used to see, can push us to be more feminine!



Today I am wearing a body, pants, a cape and a hat from Urban Outfitters and shoes from Sarenza. The talented Martin from Say Cheers took these pictures at the Serres d’Auteuil in Paris…


Translated by Coralie Clair
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11 septembre, 2015