Hello my little kitties!

Few months ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of Brigitte Bardot: her hair was amazing! I have to say that Brigitte completely masters the messy hair! Then, I tried to do the same. Photographically, we were closed to the same result but on me… it looked like I just woke up in the morning after partying. I looked for other iconographic people to finally found a compromise between Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. However, when I did this tutorial with my new hair color, I became kind of Amy Winehouse doppelganger…




To start the week in good conditions, here is a hair tutorial and I tried to be the most explicit I could in the subtitles. Anyway, you will see, it is a very instinctive hairstyle I promise. You do not need to be a hairpin expert (and I know what I am talking about).



This tutorial was just in time because John Frieda contacted me to promote the launch of their new hair range: Luxurious Volume 7 Days. To be honest, I am lucky to have lots of hair but too much sometimes. However, I wanted to test and I decided to try the Hair Conditioner and the 7 Days Volume Semi-Permanent Treatment. The product promises a natural volume so I was not scared to have x2 hair volume. These past months, my hair grew a lot and the impression of lightness after brushing it is now very short... I do not have siren hair either but it becomes rapidly a bit flat. I am sure you know what I mean… Anyway, after 2 shampoos in which I mixed both products (the Hair Conditioner and the 7 Days Volume Semi-Permanent Treatment), I noticed the difference: not the D-Day or the day after but I would say from 4 to 5 days after the application because the volume was still here! Well, we are not talking about roots detachment but my hair has a good “thickness” and it is softer. I cannot imagine the result on fine hair! However, to realize this tutorial you need a minimum of texture to have a WOW result… But also: hairpins, hair slides, a hairbrush or comb, hair spray and a headband to modernize the look (the one in the video has been bought at Claire’s). Here we are! I hope you enjoyed the video! I think I am going to experiment new hair techniques now…

By the way, if you want to play, there is a nice John Frieda giveaway until de 20th of September on their Facebook page.




Translated by Coralie Clair
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14 septembre, 2015