Hello everyone! Today I’d like to talk about going out of your comfort zone! I’m getting articles ready for a special business week coming up! And while preparing the “look” article, I got myself into a tricky situation... I’ll tell you about it now, because we won’t talk about it next week! The idea is to show you how to dress for an interview, a meeting, etc... nothing wild, but you’ll see that the style changes depending on your job. Everyone can do what they like, of course, but you have to have enough self confidence to be super bold right from the start. You might think I’m really shy, but the truth is that I’ve realized that I was trying to hide the reality of things: how to dress for work. No, I don’t go to the office naked, but ever since I’ve been working for myself, I don’t have any problems with this anymore.
I remember a summer when I was younger and worked at a bank. I’ll let that sink in. It was hard to fit in. All my coworkers looked at me, shocked, every morning. I remember one day, when I had done a really good job, I was wearing my black ‘Be you’ harem pants (remember that brand?), white tie get-up and white boots. Put like that, it doesn’t sound great, but I promise you... it was very cool. Well, at the bank they asked me to go home and change at the lunch break. How humiliating. At the time, same goes for today, I tried to avoid conflict. I was crushed. I didn’t fit in. I went home at my parents’ to try to find ‘normal’ clothes. I came back wearing jeans and Converses. Major fail. I was 18 at the time and someone completely forgot to tell me the ‘basic rules’ of getting dressed. Jeans are basically a sin. They’re for Fridays, you see. That’s the day you can ‘let loose’- when it’s almost the weekend, when you can get your free will back...
I worked there for a month. But I remember struggling with getting dressed every morning. Almost like before a date, but without a happy ending. I can still see myself opening my mother’s closet looking for something gray, or black. What an ordeal. I think that maybe in the end, if I had stayed at the bank because of some series of unfortunate events, maybe I would have died a little inside, trying so hard to find ways to bend the rules. Or maybe not, since at the time I didn’t have the self-confidence that I sometimes feel when I’m comfortable with my outfit. After many experiments, I think that ‘dressing myself’ set me free, and let me find out who I am.
Anyways, I’m not saying that wearing crazy colors and giant patterns should be a way to revolt. But wearing clothes is a form of self-expression and freedom. I was surprised when you asked if you can wear this or that to work. Surprise surprise, since I hadn’t asked myself this question in a long time, but in the end, I totally get what you’re saying. I think it’s too bad to have to ask yourself this simple question: “Can I wear this to work?” when it shouldn’t be that way. So it’s my turn to ask you this question: how do you break/get around the rules?

Today I’m wearing a yellow coat from Tara Jarmon, a Marie Sixtine knitted skirt, a Petit Bateau bodysuit, Made by Sarenza boots and a vintage bag! Hugs and kisses! Thanks, Olitax, for these pictures!
Translated by Whitney Bolin
28 octobre, 2016